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English: The UDC Edge

The English Department supports UDC’s mission of service by offering students the opportunity to use writing and creative expression to give voice to issues that affect Washington, D.C. and other urban areas.  The program includes a strong foundation in American, British, and World literary history; however, students are at the same time asked to personalize their courses of study according to their intellectual interests and aspirations.  To these ends, the department supports student research in new media, graphic novels, film, philosophy, cultural and gender studies, creative writing, and comparative literature.  The department offers a rigorous advising and mentoring system to ensure that all students gain professional experience and establish connections useful for their postgraduate goals. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Alexander Howe, Department Coordinator, at 202.274.5658 or

Bachelor's Degree (BA) in English

The bachelor’s degree program in English at UDC deepens students’ love for and understanding of language, literature, and creative expression while helping students to develop concrete skills in analysis, research, and writing.


Curriculum and Requirements in the UDC English Program

Students in the bachelor’s program in English at UDC complete a 121 credit hour plan of study to earn the degree. Students take courses in language, creative writing, literature, film, and media arranged by a wide variety of areas, periods, genres, movements, and special topics.

Core course topic areas include:

  • Critical Writing
  • Principles of Literary Criticism and Literary Theory
  • American, British, World, and African-American Literature
  • Language Structure and Grammar

Student Organizations and Activities in the UDC English Program

Students are encouraged to pursue campus- and department-sponsored service-learning and community-based research opportunities with community organizations,  nonprofits, schools and other groups in the local area.

Students also  can become involved in student publications on campus, such as the Trilogy campus newspaper.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers students a Book Club, sponsored by the Dean, which regularly brings professional local authors to campus to discuss their work with students.

Faculty Spotlight: UDC English Program

Career Pathways and Prospects

A bachelor's degree in English from UDC is great preparation for graduate study in any number of fields or for a career in areas such as:

  • Creative arts
  • Public policy  
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Consulting

UDC's English faculty and the university's Career and Professional Development Center have a strong track record of helping graduates to find jobs, whatever their aspirations

Contact info:

Dr. Alexander Howe, Department Coordinator, T: 202-274-5658 | E: