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Architecture: The UDC Edge

As the only urban, land-grant University in the country, UDC’s Architecture program reflects UDC’s unique commitment to the community by providing students with hands-on opportunities to sharpen their skills in a real-world environment. For more than 20 years, in partnership with the government of the District of Columbia, our Architectural Research Institute (ARI) has been the clinical arm of the UDC Architecture program. The Institute provides students with an office-style learning environment for offering affordable architectural services to low- and middle-income D.C. citizens, such as:

  • Housing rehabilitation
  • Home repairs/upgrades
  • Accessibility solutions
  • Energy efficiency improvements

Master’s Degree (M. Arch) in Architecture

Whether you studied architecture as an undergraduate or are looking to make a mid-career switch, our master’s degree program in architecture has a track that can meet your needs and place you on the path to professional licensure in the field.

And no matter which track you choose, at UDC, you learn by doing. By coupling real-world projects in the D.C. community with exploration of cutting-edge theory and technique and a focus on urban design and sustainable practices, we prepare future architects to enter the industry as knowledgeable, experienced and creative problem solvers.


Curriculum and Requirements in the UDC Architecture Graduate Program

Housed in the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences, our master’s degree program in architecture—a UDC Academic Center of Excellence—gives you a well-rounded approach to the field in the context of these relevant issues:

  • Sustainable energy and design, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) principles
  • Urban community planning and design
  • Computer-assisted design (CAD) training

The architecture program offers two unique master’s degree tracks to choose from depending upon student’s previous academic preparation:

  • For individuals with a bachelor’s degree in architecture (or equivalent)
    • Three semesters
  • For individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than architecture
    • Seven semesters
    • An accelerated degree track for students whose interest is a career change aimed at becoming a licensed architect

Student Organizations and Activities in the UDC Architecture Graduate Program

We work closely with the UDC chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students to facilitate experiential learning opportunities, such as visits to lower Manhattan and Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the region. You will also participate in professional internships, community projects, design competitions, field trips and site visits, in addition to working with the University’s Extension Service and other community-focused research institutes to apply your learning in the D.C. area.

H2: Faculty Spotlight: UDC Architecture Program

Clarence W. Pearson Jr. currently serves as the coordinator of the architecture program and is the director of the Architectural Research Institute. Mr. Pearson has had at least one grant each year for the last fourteen years and has served in the position of chairperson for eighteen years of his tenure at the University. During his tenure at the University of the District of Columbia, he has received many awards from students and the University, including the outstanding teacher of the year. In 2005, Mr. Pearson was elevated to a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects.

Career Pathways and Prospects

Students who graduate from UDC’s master’s program in architecture are able to pursue a multiplicity of public or private sector career options within the design, construction and real estate development professions, equipped with:

  • Marketable IT and computer-assisted design (CAD) skills
  • A solid foundation in ethical and sustainable community design and planning
  • Real-world experience through the Architectural Research Institute and the intern development program
  • The ability to identify, analyze and solve problems—a skillset that transcends the field of architecture

Given the program’s long-standing reputation and presence in the community, graduates can take advantage of a distinguished network of alumni and program connections to pursue their new career or advance along the career ladder.

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