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Office of Contracting & Procurement

Office Location
Building 39, 2nd Floor
phone 202.274.5181 | phone 202.274.5432 | email

Office Hours
7:00am – 5:30pm Mon - Fri

OCP is centered on Best Practices, Innovation, Pragmatism and Collaboration.  Our goal is to build and maintain excellent team relationships with the University community.  OCP advocates independence rather than dependency. 



NamePhoneEmailOffice Location
Mary Ann Harris202.274.5426
202.274.6313 (fax)
mharris@udc.eduBldg. 39, Rm
Director/Chief Contracting Officer
Shirley Johnson202.274.6068
202.274.5432 (fax)
sjohnson@udc.eduBldg. 39,
Contract Specialist
Denise E. Joyner202.274.5423
202.274.5432 (fax)
djoyner@udc.eduBldg. 39, Rm
Contract Specialist
Angelina Mulenga-Glenn202.274.5425
202.274.5432 (fax)
amulenga@udc.eduBldg. 39, Rm
Contract Specialist
Tracy Williams202.274.5428
202.274.5432 (fax)
twilliams@udc.eduBldg. 39, Rm
Contract Specialist
Osamuyimen Idehen202.274.5457
202.274.5432 (fax)
oidehen@udc.eduBldg. 39, Rm
Office Manager
General Office Contact202.274.5181
202.274.5432 (fax)
procurement@udc.eduBldg. 39, Rm