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Office of Sponsored Programs

Main Office
Bldg 42 Rm 212G | phone 202.274.5838 |

Any questions please email:

Please click here to share your ideas on how to improve sponsored program administration from grant writing through project accomplishments to close-outs.

NSF Fraud Hotline 1.800.428.2189

UDC Grants Applications Fact Sheet

PI Handbook

Student Research/Internship Opportunities

Dear Students:

One of the best ways to gain experience and make connections with potential  employers is through  internships and fellowships. UDC now posts opportunities that could possibly match your interest s, experience and skills at two locations  .  Go to the UDC Facebook or to Internships. These sites provide information on many fellowships and or  internships available during the school year and in the summer.Good Luck,
JoVita Wells, Office of Sponsored Programs

2015 DHS HS-Stem Summer Internship Program