Trustee's Invention Gets UDC Design

Left to Right: Lalindra Jayatilleki (team leader, graduating senior Electrical Engineering), Joi Upton (graduating senior Computer Science), and Dr. Crider.

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Trustee's Invention Gets UDC Design

Students of the University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences demonstrated a prototype for a patented design concept of UDC Board of Trustees Chair-Elect Dr. Elaine Crider.  The device, the concept of which Dr. Crider patented over three years ago, is designed to alert the owner of a piece of luggage when and where the bag was opened.  She got the idea on a flight from DC to Fort Lauderdale, when, upon arrival, she noticed her bag had been opened and her laptop computer stolen.  She wanted to pinpoint the exact moment when her bag was opened, and neither her airline nor the Transportation Security Administration were any help.  So, she came up with the “Intelletag”.  Sensors placed inside the bag can determine when the luggage is opened, and GPS and SMS technology can pinpoint the location – and send a text message to the owner telling him or her exactly where it was opened.

“I am so happy with what the students came up with,” said Dr. Crider.

Next, Dr. Crider will present the design to a manufacturing firm for potential modifications and actual production.  Congratulations!

(Seated, Left to Right: Joi Upton, Dr. Crider, Professor Sasan Haghani, and Brice Koukoua (Junior Electrical Engineering). Standing, Left to Right: Lalindra Jayatilleki and Aime Mbakop (Junior Electrical Engineering).)