Division of Arts and Humanities

Welcome from the Chair

yarborough2015Welcome to the Division of Arts and Humanities at UDC. The arts and the humanities are fundamental to our understanding of society, ourselves, and our relationships to the world. We educate our students to become critical thinkers, critical writers and interdisciplinary focused in their approach to their lives and those around them. Social citizenship as well as service have been a tradition at UDC and this tradition continues in the 21st century.

Our mission is carried out by outstanding faculty in Art (Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Photography), English, Foreign Languages, Music, and our forthcoming Digital Media.  They play a fundamental role in carrying out the goals of our student-centered, research-focused, and service-oriented public institution.  As an HBCU, we have strong roots in guiding our students in self-discovery, research, aesthetic and ethical development, as well as giving them the tools to adapt in an increasingly changing, increasingly interconnected world.

Our classrooms employ technology to enable our students to compete across the globe, whether in concerts at the Kennedy Center or in establishing graphic design studios with clients in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Students experience hands on instruction in state of the art studios and facilities, as well as engage in undergraduate research, scholarship, concerts, and exhibitions.  We expect our students to connect with the community and the world around them, in the tradition of free inquiry, experimentation and service.

Our students come from more than fifty countries, speaking more than ten different languages.  They come for the quality education we provide in one of the capitals of the world, where opportunities for internships, jobs, and continued career and personal development are varied and numerous.  Our classrooms truly benefit from an international and culturally diverse environment with continually evolving pedagogy, methodologies, viewpoints, and scholarship to match the goals and aspirations of our local, national, and international students.

Our faculty remains committed to fostering the habits of mind—critical and investigative—that reward our students with hands on experience in their practice as artists, scholars, social servants, and entrepreneurs.  In both studio and classroom settings, students engage in cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental inquiry.  They test the world, its intellectual and aesthetic history, using academic rigor and imaginative curiosity to both satisfy and exceed the outcomes and goals of our classes and programs.

I am honored to serve as the Division Chair of Arts and Humanities at the University of the District of Columbia.  I am privileged to work with a wide variety of artists and scholars, both established and emerging.  You will see in our programs and our offerings a philosophy of process to our students’ discovery, learning, and service.  We hope you will join us as part of your journey.

Wynn Yarbrough
Chair, Division of Arts and Humanities