UDC Featured Alumni: Norma Bullock

Alumni Norma Bullock

Norma Bullock has helped to educate nearly 100 students through her scholarship dedicated to assisting business students complete their studies at the University of the District of Columbia.  Named in honor of her great aunt who instilled in her a love of education, the Odessa Starks Davis Memorial Scholarship supports students pursuing a degree in public administration or business management.

Since 1983, Bullock has given more than $50,000 to UDC to ensure that money is not a factor for students in need of financial support. She has received numerous letters from students over the years thanking her for supporting them.  

Full of determination to succeed, Bullock attended UDC part-time for 9 years while working full-time at the National Highway Safety Administration and later at the Coast Guard. She proudly earned a bachelor’s in Public Administration in 1983. Bullock worked in Human Resources as an Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist and moved up the ranks as supervisor in a rare arrangement where civilians supervised military personnel, before retiring in 2011. 

“My degree helped with my promotion to become a supervisor,” Bullock said. “I not only graduated from UDC, but graduated magna cum laude. The better education you have, the better you are able to compete.”

After earning her degree from UDC, the Coast Guard paid for her master’s in Public Administration from American University, where she graduated with high honors.

“I was able to draw from my training at UDC,” Bullock said. “The courses and curriculum were relevant to the work that I did later.”

At the age of 77, she is still active in the community and has taken part in activities at UDC including the Founders’ Day program. In the past, she participated in reviewing applications and selecting the scholarship recipients.

One of the largest and most popular programs at UDC, the bachelor’s degree in the School of Business and Public Administration prepares college students to become entrepreneurs, managers and innovators in both the business and public sectors. 

Accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, students graduate with skills in business planning, entrepreneurship, decision making, operations management, leadership and business ethics.

The Business Scholarship is making a difference in the lives of students each semester who are pursuing a broad range of professions in the business arena.

“I believe strongly that we ought to give back as alumni,” Bullock said. “It’s a privilege for me. My success was due in large part to the education that I received at UDC. I was fortunate to have my tuition covered and I feel it is my responsibility to give back.”