Best Industries to Work in for 2018

Best Industries to Work in for 2018 - University of the District of ColumbiaThe new year is a time when many Americans reevaluate their goals and commit to a happier, more productive lifestyle. While many of these resolutions often focus on health, such as stress relief or eating right, others are geared toward career advancement. If you’re in a dead-end position or just aren’t sure what to study in school to prepare yourself for a successful career in today’s economy, analyzing the job market and discovering which sectors and jobs are on the rise can help you narrow your job search.

Industries on the Decline

Our consumerist culture allows the job market to change rapidly in order to accommodate new trends and public attitudes. The U.S. is currently experiencing a shift toward advancement and automation. With this shift comes the decline of industries that were built and bred for a different type of culture. If you find yourself currently working in or considering these industries, it may be best to pivot to a more lucrative field.

  • The oil and natural gas industry hit its stride with the wide availability of vehicles and the invention of more advanced drilling technology. However, the focus on more renewable sources of energy and the depletion of resources has caused these companies to slow or stop hiring.
  • Journalism has been on the decline since the advent of the internet. Consumers have switched from newspapers and television broadcasting to online news sources for their current events.
  • Farming is an industry suffering from a lack of young blood. Established farmers are dying out with no new farmers there to succeed them. Additionally, an increase in automation has made farming by hand a thing of the past.
  • Many areas of manufacturing are implementing more automated assembly lines, reducing the need for new workers.
  • Publishing is yet another industry dying due to advances in technology. Physical literature is being purchased less often as e-books and online advertising reign supreme.

Industries Creating More Jobs

Cultural and economic shifts have built some industries into seemingly unstoppable forces, making them excellent areas to look for a lucrative career. While you may be able to guess some of these booming industries, others may surprise you.

  • Health care careers are on the rise thanks in no small part to America’s aging population. Medical advancements have made it easier to detect, treat and prevent previously debilitating or deadly illnesses and conditions. The availability of positions for registered nurses, healthcare aides and caregivers is growing quickly.
  • Technology is the predictable heavy-hitter in our current economy. With automation and recreational technology skyrocketing in popularity and usefulness, a career as a software developer, cybersecurity specialist or computer information system technician could be the right move for you.
  • Finance is a potentially surprising addition to the list of booming industries. Aging Americans, many of whom are used to relatively straightforward financial concepts, are now facing a financially complicated world. Brokers, financial advisors and statisticians are useful resources that can help steer the elderly toward financial success even as finances become more and more complex.
  • Skilled Labor positions like plumbers, construction laborers, electricians and others are enduring a deficit of young trainees willing to enter the industry. Luckily, this also means there are plenty of jobs to be had and an increasing demand for these services as the population continues to grow.

Growing Cities

Hoping to branch out to new cities for your perfect position? There are a myriad of locations that are on the forefront of growth and innovation but aren’t experiencing the absurd increase in housing prices. While you could make the move to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York City or Chicago in search of the perfect job, you’d also be paying extra in cost of living. For a professional just starting out, it may be more prudent to seek out growth-industry jobs in cities that are on the rise but aren’t yet on the national radar, so you can enjoy affordable housing and a secure job market. Make your home in the following cities in 2018.

  • Tempe, AZ
  • Fremont, CA
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Tampa, FL
  • Columbia, MD
  • Bismarck, ND
  • Fargo, ND
  • Madison, WI
  • Portland, ME
  • Gilbert, AZ
  • Peoria, AZ
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Chandler, AZ1

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