Best Industries to Work in for 2018

Best Industries to Work in for 2018 - University of the District of ColumbiaThe new year is a time when many Americans reevaluate their goals and commit to a happier, more productive lifestyle. While many of these resolutions often focus on health, such as stress relief or eating right, others are geared toward career advancement. If you’re in a dead-end position or just aren’t sure what to study in school to prepare yourself for a successful career in today’s economy, analyzing the job market and discovering which sectors and jobs are on the rise can help you narrow your job search. Continue reading “Best Industries to Work in for 2018”

What is Workforce Development?

In simple terms, workforce development is an economic development initiative that helps workers acquire knowledge and relevant skills for improved workplace performance and career advancement. The initiative is often provided by local governments but can be privately developed and funded as well. The program layout and conditions – like what job skills are provided – are often dependent on the region and demands of the employers and individuals in the area. Continue reading “What is Workforce Development?”