Student Special Projects

The Office of Student Outreach and Leadership Development (S.O.L.D.) offers semester-long programs as a way for students to make a commitment to service. By participating in a semester-long program, students will dedicate themselves to serving the community on a regular basis throughout the semester.

Even if you already volunteer, chances are you’ll find opportunities that you didn’t know existed. Want to feed the hungry? Tutor kids? Deliver medicine to seniors? We can help you find a great place to volunteer! Opportunities are available in the areas of health and human services, language and literacy, youth development, and education just to name a few.

If you are interested in more information, current opportunities, and/or initiating a service initiative please contact Ms. Doni Russell at or 202.274.5725. S.O.L.D. will ensure you choose a cause that you’re passionate about, find an opportunity that matches your skills, interests, and schedule; overall the opportunity that suits you best!”