Student Center Directory

Level Room Number Room Name Staff Name
B Level B01 Atrium Entry
B Level B02 Tower Lounge Conference Room
B Level B05 SC Associate Director Office Andrea Jenkins
B Level B07 Convenience Store Vacant
B Level B10-B12 Dining Area
B Level B27 Men’s Restroom
B Level B29 Women’s Restroom
B Level B30 Heritage Hall
B Level B31 Military & Veteran Student Service Sequoyah Adebayo
B Level B32 Military & Veteran Student Service Onyinye Anamelchi
B Level B33 Student Outreach & Leadership Development Doni Russell
B Level B34 Conference Room
B Level B35 Conference Room
B Level B38-B42 Student Lounge
B Level B50 Student Center Administrative Suite
B Level B50 A Office
B Level B50 B Vacant Vacant
B Level B50 C Student Activity Specialist Mary Roberts
B Level B50 D Building Manager
B Level B50 E Student Center Director Charles Amerson
B Level B50 F Student Center/Life Administrative Assistant
A Level 201 Student Organization Suite
A Level 204 Wellness Center Office Michael Warren
A Level 205 Wellness Center
A Level 206 Wellness Center – Studio
A Level 207 Men’s Locker Room
A Level 208 Women’s Locker Room
A Level 213 Men’s Restroom
A Level 215 Women’s Restroom Gender Neutral Restroom
A Level 218 Plaza Entrance
1st Level 101 Tower Conference Room
1st Level 102 Tower Jr. Conference Room
1st Level 103 Student Government Suite
1st Level 105 Undergraduate Student Government Association
1st Level 106 Graduate Student Government Association
1st Level 107 Community College Student Government & Royal Court
1st Level 108 Student Representative to the Board of Trustees
1st Level 109
1st Level 110 Executive Conference Room
1st Level 113 Ballroom A
1st Level 114 Ballroom B
1st Level 116 Prep Kitchen
1st Level 121 Men’s Restroom
1st Level 122 Women’s Restroom
1st Level 125 Multi-Purpose – Print Room
1st Level 126 Student Life Director Melinda Jennings
1st Level 127 Residence Life Director Quentin Veasley
1st Level 128 Judicial Affairs Dr. Marc Strothers
1st Level 129 Conference Room
1st Level 130 A Assistant Vice President Office Dr. Leticia Williams
1st Level 130 B Admin to the AVP Joann Forbes
1st Level 131 Student Publication Office
1st Level 132 Conference Room
1st Level 133 Exit to Terrace
1st Level 134 Exterior Terrace