Lockheed Martin Fellowship Project Presentations

Thursday, May 13, 2021 will be the 2021 Lockheed Martin Fellowship Project Presentations.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Presentations are Webex recorded meetings.

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Computer Science and Information Technology

Abdusalam Bashire

Homomorphic Encryption Algorithm for an Efficient E-Voting System
Advisor: Timothy Oladunni

Presentation uploaded to YouTube

Civil Engineering

Carla Flores

Engineering Ambassador Program to Engage High School and Community College Students’ Interest in STEM
Advisor: Lei Wang

Presentation uploaded to YouTube

Andrae Harris

Application of Oceanic Sand as Construction Material to address Sea-Level Rise
Advisor: Pradeep Behera

Presentation uploaded to YouTube

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Keenan Leatham

Wide Area IoT networks utilizing Cloud Computing
Advisor: Esther Ososanya

Presentation uploaded to YouTube

Brehima Kone

Time Series Forecasting Using Deep Learning
Advisor: Nian Zhang

Presentation uploaded to YouTube

Victor Ramos

Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS)
Advisor: Sasan Haghani

Presentation uploaded to YouTube

Mechanical Engineering

Saul Henderson

Control Enhancement of the CBRE Portable Walkway Apparatus
Advisor: Devdas Shetty

Presentation uploaded to YouTube

image first slideKymani Brown

Thin Film Coatings on Additively Manufactured Components
Advisor: Pawan Tyagi

Presentation uploaded to YouTube


Projects to be Presented Later in Summer 2020