Senior Capstone Projects – April 2020 – Webex meeting videos

 Computer Science and Information Technololgy

Adaptive Video Game AI Spencer Wait
Property Management Website with Distributed Backend Michael Kennedy
Designing a Network Automation Framework for a Mid-size Organization Omar Lopez
Deception Techniques in Computer Security Using Honeypots Marcus Bailey
In Depth Visual Analysis on Creating Safer Streets in DC Kendra Atchinson
Visual Air Quality Data Analysis Olivia Nkweto Katebe and Stephane Nguemengne
BigSkinny: Designing an eCommerce Web Application Demond Sweet
VAST Challenge2019: Data Analysis of the Disaster at St. Hilmark Gerson Escobar
Car Value Prediction Model Abnezer Tefera
Design and Implementation of an Interio Guidance System Kaleab Mamo and Dereje Dena
 System and Network Administration for Small Companies Abdulsalam Bashire, Malik Wilson, and Saketa Neupane
Online Coffee Shop Website Melat Dechassa and Tesfaye Terefei
Melaku Web Website Melaku Bogale
Hands-Free Signaling Kedamawi Mulualem, Muhammad Hj Kamit
DevOps and Cloud Technology Favour Anifowose
Mobile App for Prayers Tadele Lamma
Psalmody Mobile App Yemane Zewdu
Design of Social Connect Website Yi Zhu


Planning and Desig of Civil Engineering Systems for Quarantineville Sub-division Ar’Manni Pretlow, Khaled Alshammari, Purna Tamang, Yazeed Alhawti, Mohammed Alsubaiei, Nabil Elkadiri, Abdul-Hadi Chamali, and Jose Leon
Planning and Design of Civil Engineering Systems for the Rock Creek Estates  Kerry Kirkwood, Jesus Badal, Keven Haley, Muath Bakudam, Alhussm Jalal, Abdullah Alsharif, Abdullah Aloudah, Ernesto Cruz, and Judith Pargeter

Electrical Engineering

Microcontroller Radar Station Utilizing Software Defined Radio (SDR) Keenan Leatham
Smart Electric Motorcycle Conversion: Designing an E-Motorcycle Conversion Kit Victor Ramos, Cyree Beckett, Ivan Torres
Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Noor Alawadh and Kalu Haile
Hardware Acceleration of Sobel Edge Detection using HLS Travis Lodge & Brehima Kone
Underwater Communication System Usig Blue LED Rafal Mufti, Amanuel Gemechu, Farhan Alanazi, Loai Sabair
Design and Implementation of a Ball and Plate System Oluchi Onwuvuche

Mechanical Engineering

Design, Manufacturing and Characterization of Additively Maanufactured Lattice Structures for the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge Giancarlo D’Orazio, James McLaurin, Waleed Abdelaal
Design and Fabrication of an Additively Manufactured Vapor Chamber Heat Exchanger for Space Application Jelani Guise, Ibrahim Alghamdi, Yasser Alghamdi, Drew Gray
The Design, Fabrication and Testing of an Improved Feedstock Powder Spreading System Javel Wilson, Juvani Downer, Mohammad Alghamdi
Safety Enhancement of Wheechair: Design Modification and Fabrication of Attachments to get off the curb Abdulaziz Shaikh, Abdullah Shaikh, Rayan Abdulghaffar

Biomedical Engineering

Redesign of Ostonomy Bag Wafer System Sandy Collado, Tyra Coombs, Roni Romero, Hermann Soh