Senior Capstone Project Presentation – April 2020

Project Title       Design, Manufacturing and Characterization of Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures for the Nasa Human Exploration Rover Challenge

Name of Student(s)        Giancarlo D’Orazio, James McLaurin, Waleed Abdelaal

Name of Advisor(s)         Jiajun Xu, Kate Klein, Pawan Tyagi

External Sponsors           NASA CAM-STAR grant #80NSSC19M0196

Project Abstract              Additive manufacturing, particularly metal powder bed systems, offer great opportunities to develop novel parts with mechanical properties far different from that achievable in traditional manufacturing. One such application are lattice structures which can reduce weight while maintaining similar strength to a solid part. Tensile and compressive samples utilizing 3D lattice structures will be tested using a numerical model and the best performing structures will be used in experimental testing using samples produced via DMLS printing. After validation of models, the overall best performing structure, as measured by yield strength per unit weight, will be used to manufacture parts, such as a differential for the University of the District of Columbia NASA Human Exploration Rover.