Senior Capstone Project Presentation – April 2020

Video EVonda electric cafe racer build part 1
Project Title: EVonda Electric Cafe Racer Build

Video: EVonda Electric Cafe Racer Build Part 1 

Video: EVonda Electric Cafe Racer Build Part 2 

Group Members: Victor Ramos, Cyree Beckett, Ivan Torres Guevara




Project Title Smart Electric Motorcycle Conversion: Designing an E-Motorcycle Conversion Kit
Name of Student(s) Victor Ramos, Cyree Beckett, Ivan Torres 
Name of Advisor(s) Drs. Esther Ososanya, Sasan Haghani
External Sponsors NSF TIP grant ID#: HRD1435947
Project Abstract Electric Vehicle demand is increasing worldwide and to increase the drive we are designing a system to convert a conventional motorcycle into an electric vehicle. Washington D.C. is a perfect city for people to utilize alternate modes of transportation. We already have electric scooters, electric bicycles, and even electric mopeds all available to be bought or rented for temporary use. The market has introduced electric motorcycles; however, our goal is to add to the market by introducing the EVonda, our road legal conversion of a Honda CB550F motorcycle with a direct current, 48V drive train paired with a 100Ah battery designed to be efficient, light, and reliable. Three crucial aspects to achieve a perfect cruising experience in the District with an 80 mile range!