Project Title

Planning and Design of Civil Engineering Systems for the Rock Creek Estates

Name of Students

Kerry Kirkwood, Jesus Badal, Keven Haley, Muath Bakudam, Alhussm Jalal, Abdullah Alsharif, Abdullah Aloudah, Ernesto Cruz, and Judith Pargeter

Name of Advisors

Dr. Pradeep Behera, Dr. Ahmet Zeytinci, Dr. Bryan Higgs, Dr. Lei Wang, Dr. Hossain Azam

Project Abstract

The civil engineering senior project involves three projects: (i) Small Site Development, (ii) Hydraulics Engineering Project and (iii) Large Site Development -Planning and design of civil engineering systems for the 30 acres land development which include understanding the clients need, complexity of the problem, regulation requirements, planning, analysis, and  design. The project develops alternative lay out designs of the sub-division and selection of best layout that must include single family & multi-family residences, multi-storied office building, commercial area, and parking. The specific design project included structural design of a multi-storied building and its foundation design, stormwater management of the proposed lay out, storm sewer system design, sanitary sewer system design and water supply system design and design of transportation system for the sub-division.