Faculty and Staff

Veronica Williams
Email: vwilliams@udc.edu
Ph: 274-6286, Fax: 202-274-6232
Dr. A. Segun AdebayoDr. A. Segun Adebayo, Prof. & Chair
PhD, 1978, MIT – Dr. Adebayo is a Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering, studies the aerodynamics of rotors, aeroacoustics of aircraft engines, fluid dynamics of rotating machines and airborne pollution transport phenomena and its impact on watersheds.
Email: aadebayo@udc.edu Ph: 202-274-5039, Room 42-213 R
Dr. Pawan TyagiDr. Pawan Tyagi, Associate Prof..
PhD, 2008, University of Kentucky – Dr. Tyagi is an Associate Professor, of Mechanical Engineering, studies nanotechnology-enabled photovoltaic cells, integration of renewable energy technologies for developing zero energy communities and computational facilities, nano-biosensors, molecular spintronics and engineering education. He serves as editor of the International Journal of Energy Engineering.
Email: ptyagi@udc.edu
Ph: 202-274-6601, Room 42-213 E
Dr. Kate KleinDr. Kate Klein, Associate Prof..
PhD, 2009, University of Tennessee
Research: Nanomaterials Synthesis & Characterization, Microscopy, In-situ Experimentation, and Mechanical Properties of MaterialsEmail: kate.klein@udc.edu
Ph: 202-274-7131, Room 42-213 N
Dr. Lara ThompsonDr. Lara Thompson, Associate Prof.
PhD, 2013, MIT-Harvard – Dr. Thompson is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Biomedical Engineering
Research: Dr. Thompson directs the Center for Biomechanical & Rehabilitation (CBRE) Laboratory aimed to investigate both non-invasive (sensory substitutes; mechanically stabilizing aids; rehabilitation robotics) and invasive rehabilitative technologies for individuals with moderate to severe immobility.  
Email: lara.thompson@udc.edu
Ph: 202.274.5046, Room 42-213 M
Dr. Jiajun XuDr. Jiajun Xu, Associate Prof.
PhD, 2013, University of Maryland
Research: Advanced Thermal Management Technologies & Systems, Micro/Nanoscale Heat Transfer and Energy ConversionEmail: jiajun.xu@udc.edu
Ph: 202-274-5048, Room 42-213 O
Dr. Max Denis, Associate Prof.
PhD, 2013, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Research: Ultrasound-based Diagnostics and Acoustic Sensing
Email: max.denis@udc.edu 
Ph: 202-274-5045, Room 42-213 Q