Current Students

UDC ME faculty strive to make each ME student’s experience at the university rewarding while also preparing them for graduate education or successful entry into the workforce.

Important note
To ensure receipt of important information, ME students should remain in contact with a faculty advisor that will assist them in selecting the appropriate courses and course sequence.  ME students are expected to take a sequence of required courses (essential to learn and appreciate mechanical engineering) and a number of elective courses. Please refer to the curriculum sheet for the course offerings each semester and recommended course sequence. You have the option to develop expertise in Energy Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, or Nanotechnology. Please contact the faculty to find out about a particular program or concentration. We also encourage all students to have a research experience while pursuing the BS program. You can work on cutting edge research projects with ME faculty under Xerox fellowship, STEM center, or industry or grant-funded research projects.

Engineering Clubs
In order to stay abreast of events occurring on and off campus relating to engineering, it is highly recommended that ME students join the UDC chapters of any (or all!) of the following national societies (please contact the faculty advisor for more information):
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Advisor Dr. Pawan Tyagi
The Society of Women Engineers, Advisor Dr Kate Klein
The National Society of Black Engineers, Advisor Dr. Max Denis
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Advisor: Dr.Wagdy Mahmoud

These engineering clubs on campus host member gatherings for students, assist students in attending conferences, perform volunteer/outreach activities, and host guest speakers on the campus.  It is a great way to build your support network and meet like-minded individuals who are actively engaged in the community.

(Many other clubs at UDC are listed here:

UDC’s ME faculty are constantly pursuing research in a wide range of areas both on and off campus.  Undergraduate students are actively engaged in graduate-level research with these professors in areas of microscopy, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, advanced manufacturing (including the use of UDC’s two 3D printers), as well as other areas.  If it interests you to directly apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world, while pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding, do not hesitate to contact your advisor in the ME department who can put you in touch with the faculty and students who are currently actively engaged in research projects.

Scholarships, Fellowships & Internships
For students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, there are a number of opportunities to earn money towards education while gaining invaluable experience that today’s workplace demands.  Popular pursuits by current ME majors include:

Contact your mentor early to discuss the potential of obtaining a scholarship, fellowship, or internship!

If you ever have any questions or comments about your experience as an ME major at UDC, please do not hesitate to contact the ME department (