Center for Biomechanical & Rehabilitation Engineering, CBRE

The UDC CBRE lab is focused on studying human mobility (including balance, posture and gait) for un-impaired as well as impaired populations.  The lab opened in Fall 2015 and is a 30ft x 40 ft,  state-of the art research and education lab-space equipped with the following:

  • A NaviGAITor system for subject partial body-weight support and safety from falls; The NaviGAITor at UDC is one of only two that exists nationwide
  • A Tekscan Walkway System used to measure individual’s ground reaction forces needed to assess standing balance and gait
  • A Vicon Motion Capture System, used to measure subject’s body kinematics/movements
  • A Delsys surface electromyography (or sEMG) used to measure muscle activity/response to determine postural strategies/muscle synergies