Dr. Sasan Haghani honored at Founders Day 2021

Dr. Sasan Haghani honored at Founders Day, February 18, 2021

Dean Shetty recognized the accomplishment of Dr. Haghani in an open letter.

haghani award“I want to congratulate Dr Sasan Haghani, Professor of Electrical Engineering for receiving the Dr. Marjorie Holloman Parker Distinguished Educator’s Award at the 2021 Founders Day event earlier today.

I consider Dr. Haghani as being one of the best teachers in SEAS who can interact with students, identify their real potential, and individually assist them to reach their dream. In a more than a decade of experience at UDC, Dr Haghani has demonstrated that he is very much committed to UDC.

He has joint authorship with students in national conferences. Awards for students supervised by him  had been possible because of his role in encouraging undergraduate student research, motivating them for research as co-authors and participating in national competitions.

Dr. Haghani, the award is well deserved.


Devdas Shetty,