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MBA Mission Statement

The University of the District of Columbia’s (UDC) Master of Business Administration (MBA) integrates sustainability, entrepreneurship, and globalization with a core of business fundamentals to produce creative graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset ready to provide leadership in private and public sector organizations.

MBA Program Goals:

  • Goal 1: Prepare students to communicate ideas effectively.
  • Goal 2: Prepare students to synthesize, analyze, and integrate their knowledge of business disciplines to provide innovative and credible solutions to organizational problems and opportunities.
  • Goal 3: Prepare students to assess the impact of globalization on business.
  • Goal 4: Prepare students to analyze ethical implications of business decisions.
  • Goal 5: Prepare students to demonstrate effective leadership and collaboration skills for making decisions and accomplishing goals.


MBA Student Learning Objectives:

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to apply quantitative and qualitative reasoning and problem solving models and justifications to business situations.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to use technology in research to add value to presentations including professional reports.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to apply core business princilpes in business decision making and business analysis.