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Dean’s List – Fall 2014

Congratulations to the following students who made the Dean’s List. Keep up the good work!

Alabdullatif Turki ACCT
Alabdullatif Turky ACCT
Aldaham Bader ACCT
Assefa Biruk ACCT
Borena Bedilu ACCT
Cleary Shauna-Kay ACCT
Diakite Hassirou ACCT
Duvall Alma ACCT
Famoriyo Omolola ACCT
Fokou Ronel ACCT
Gnamien Eddy ACCT
Huynh Oanh ACCT
Lopez Denia ACCT
Mansaray Ikmatu ACCT
Ngundia Oyana Anabel ACCT
Petersen Nikki ACCT
Quach Long ACCT
Roberts Lorenia ACCT
Ruddock Rashaad ACCT
Sharpe Shavon ACCT
Suber Roosevelt ACCT
Thomas Stephanie ACCT
Venzor Alexander ACCT
Business Management
Algarni Abdullah BSMG
Alkhater Khalid BSMG
Almutairi Turki Abed BSMG
Althiyabi Ali Saud BSMG
Anderson Courtney BSMG
Andersson Simon BSMG
Baguelin Alexis BSMG
Baras Abdulaziz BSMG
Barnes Derrick BSMG
Barrientos-Lopez Ernesto BSMG
Bates Bobi BSMG
Borchert Patrick BSMG
Butt Jessica BSMG
Cohen Heath BSMG
Dimante Laura BSMG
Forde Amanda BSMG
Gallard Alicia BSMG
Garcia Ricardo BSMG
Gillespie Luke BSMG
Grant Darlene BSMG
Graves Lance BSMG
Hakeem Firas BSMG
Hamid Elaf BSMG
Kossi Noluthando BSMG
Leake Alicia BSMG
Mills Gary BSMG
Moraished Faisal BSMG
Munoz Ezequiel BSMG
Murillo Merino Ander BSMG
Myrie Anna-Claire BSMG
Nguyen Tram BSMG
Palacios Claudia BSMG
Silva Lopez Maria BSMG
Smith Andreas BSMG
Stepanek Josef BSMG
Swartout Samuel BSMG
Tchemi Kierane BSMG
Terry Antoinette BSMG
Williams Andre BSMG
Wilson Clifford BSMG
Simpson Yvonne BSMG
Gutierrez Gelitza FINA
Powell Shaqueya FINA
Management Information Systems
Anderson-Tucker Nekesha MGIS
Corona Angel MGIS
Fernando Shenon MGIS
Pulley Eric MGIS
Williams Gary MGIS
Thompson Donna-Marie MRKT
Boykin Shanita PPCT
Givens Kimberly PPCT
Johnson-Bryant Radiah PPCT
Main Office
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