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Welcome to the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship!

Under the leadership of the SBPA, the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship is designed to help reshape the local and regional economy by advancing wealth-building strategies within the urban community of the District of Columbia.  Specifically, CUE was created to be the hub for urban entrepreneurial programs, innovation, and research.



The vision of CUE is that every resident within the District of Columbia and surrounding jurisdictions who seeks to pursue an entrepreneurial idea – in the form of a venture or research project – should have that opportunity.

The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship seeks to inspire and guide students and residents of the District of Columbia by teaching them to recognize value of entrepreneurship and to provide services to help ensure entrepreneurial success among start-ups and small business owners.



As it is housed within the only urban public land-grant university, CUE  has an ethical obligation to extend its resources to help neighboring communities prosper.



CUE was initially conceived in 2011 and restructured in 2014.  CUE  provides courses, services, collaboration, and research for small business owners, entrepreneurs, local business centers, and the community at large.  The Center coordinates SBPA’s Annual Business Plan Competition –Sustainability Entrepreneurship: conducts thought forums for entrepreneurship and leadership through the campus-wide and student-run Entrepreneurship Club; and promotes and oversees theCertificate of Entrepreneurship.


Wayne R. Curtis, PhD, Acting Director

Center for Urban Entrepreneurship

University of the District of Columbia

School of Business and Public Administration

4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Washington, DC  20008

Main Office
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