The NSF-Targeted Infusion Project: STEM-Business Focused Logistics and International Trade (LIT) Analytics is a collaborative project between the School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA) and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).

2022 5th UDC Annual Business Research Conference

Thursday, December 1, 2022

UDC School of Business and Public Administration, in association with the NSF-Funded Logistics and International Trade (LIT) Analytics Center, organized the 2022 5th Annual Business Research Conference (supported by the National Science Foundation Grant #1912070) on Thursday, December 1, 2022, from 12 pm until 4 pm. The annual event, which started in 2018, focuses on student-led research projects mentored by SBPA faculty. The semester long research projects culminate with undergraduate and graduate student research poster competition which is judged by external judges from the industry and academia. This year’s conference was held in person after a gap of two years when the conference shifted to a hybrid mode in 2020 and 2021. There were 39 SBPA students with 33 posters who participated in the conference – 23 undergraduate students with 20 posters and 16 MBA students with 13 posters. The conference theme was Emerging Technologies in the Global Business Environment. The conference chairs were Dr. Alex Tan and Dr. Amit Arora. The conference was supported by NSF Funded Logistics and International Trade (LIT) Analytics Center, directed by Dr. Anshu Arora. 

External judges for the event from industry and academia were: Ms. Alicia R. Wallace, Director of Audience Strategy, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, AARP, Washington DC. (Keynote Speaker-Industry); Dr. Charles Milligan, Chief Scientist, Homeland Protection Mission Area, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. (Keynote Speaker-Academia); Dr. John McIntyre, Director – Georgia Tech Center for International Business Education & Research; Mr. Timothy Gifford, President, Chief Scientist, MOVIA Robotics, Inc., Connecticut; Mr. Matthew Saal, Digital Finance Specialist, International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group; and Dr. Anne Marie Zwerg, Associate Professor of Management, University of Louisville, Kentucky. 

 UDC Faculty Advisors and Judges were Dr. Julius Anyu, Dr. Malva Reid, Dr. Ravi Chinta, Dr. Anshu Arora, Dr. Racquel Brown-Gaston, Dr. Suzan Abed, and Dr. Batao Chen.  

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2022 Conference Proceedings

Top 3 student teams from the MBA category: 

1stplace – Stay or Leave: War Confronts International Business – Sam Glenn (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amit Arora) 

2nd place – Education and Evolution of AI: An Exploration of Sentient Robotics and the Potential Implications in Education – Derek Johnson (Faculty Advisor – Dr. Anshu Arora) 

3rd place – How do Humans and Robots Interact? Examining Humanoid Service Robots as a Fabric of ‘Society’ and ‘Environment’ – Bernardo Heres and Olianka Wingate (Faculty Advisor – Dr. Anshu Arora) 


Top 3 student teams from the Undergraduate category: 

1st place – How Successful were Governmental Tactics in Alleviating the Effects of COVID-19 in the Food Supply Chain – Antwan Brady and Jayla Toliver (Faculty Advisor – Dr. Amit Arora) 

2nd place – Enhancing Sustainability in Supply Chain Logistics – Eduardo Bugay (Faculty Advisor – Dr. Amit Arora) 

3rd place – The Traveling Plant: Emerging Cannabis Industry and its Supply Chain – Manda Burnham and Moolu Tesfai (Faculty Advisor – Dr. Amit Arora)