Reporting An Absence

In the event employees need to report an absence due to illness or request annual leave, please follow the instructions below:

Instructions for Reporting Illnesses


  1. If you feel ill, immediately contact your medical provider, stay home, and notify your supervisor. Your medical provider may either schedule a remote (telephone/online) medical screening, or an in-person exam.
  2. After medical consultation, you may be directed to stay home and self-quarantine for a specific period of time.
  3. Report your updated status to your supervisor, along with a designated emergency contact.
  4. Follow the advice of your medical provider.
  5. If your status changes, contact your supervisor.


  1. If you have an employee who appears sick, immediately send them home and contact Risk Management (RM) (202-274-7482) or Talent Management (TM) (202-274-5380) and provide employee contact information.
  2. If an employee calls in sick (unscheduled), contact them for additional information. Report details and contact information to TM/RM.
  3. Instruct employees to report their medical status to you after their medical consultation, including any self-isolation instructions.
  4. Check on the status of your employee at least every 5 working days.

Annual Leave Requests:

All annual leave must be requested and approved before taking the leave. Employees should follow the standard procedures for requesting annual leave:

  • Submit the annual leave request in the PeopleSoft system.
  • Supervisor approves or denies the request in PeopleSoft.
  • Once approved, the employee may take annual leave.
  • Annual leave must be reported on the employee’s PeopleSoft timesheet.
  • For operational efficiency, many departments may have additional internal procedures related to scheduling and requesting annual leave. Employees should follow the internal process as appropriate.
  • Union employees should review the annual leave section in the collective bargaining agreement.
  • During the pandemic, employees are encouraged to practice wellness strategies and take time away to recharge and refresh.