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Fall 2021 COVID Frequently Asked Questions –  Important COVID 19 Updates

Firebirds We are Available to Serve You Remotely!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University is closed to in-person visits until further notice.  The office will reopen August 9, 2021.  You may email Enrollment Services at  or call 202.274.6155 (M-F 8:30-5:00pm) for assistance.  Please be sure to include your full name and student id number with your email inquiry.  You can expect a reply to your email within one to two business days.  We thank you in advance for your patience and look forward to meeting you this fall.

Virtual New Student Orientation and Onboarding

Fall 2021 

July 7 – August 13, 2021

All new students are required to participate in the New Student Orientation (NSO) starting July 7 – August 13, 2021.   NSO will combine online resources, with live, virtual activities, all geared to helping you successfully transition to the university.  Upon completion, new students will be able to register for classes.

Important Dates

Activity Required or Optional Date Time
Orientation Required Wednesday., July 7th  through Friday. August  13th* Complete within 2 days of notification of your enrollment in the orientation course.
Live Question & Answer Sessions


Optional, but highly recommended that you participate in one session. Wednesday, July 14th
Tuesday, July 20th
Thursday, July 29th
Wednesday, August 4th
Tuesday, August 10th
Thursday, August 19th
Welcome Week Optional, but highly recommended that you participate. TBA TBA

* Complete within 2 days of notification of your enrollment in the orientation course.


Will I have to come to campus to complete orientation?

No, spring 2021 orientation will be conducted virtually on our online platform,

What information will be provided during orientation?

Orientation Agenda

Welcome Message from President Mason

-Virtual Campus Tour

-Your Path to Success

-Digital Learning and Success Strategies

-Navigating Your Finances

-Firebird Life

-Title IX and Clery Act

-Cultural Competence

-University Resources

-Closing and Next Steps

How do I log in to complete virtual orientation?

Orientation will be conducted virtually on our online platform,  Students who have completed their confirmation of enrollment, , are invited to complete orientation.

How long will take to complete orientation?

While students have 2-day window to complete orientation, orientation may be completed within 4hrs.  You do not have to complete orientation in one setting, you are encouraged to stop and take breaks whenever you deem appropriate.  However, be mindful that you will not be permitted to register until you have completed orientation.  Therefore, we encourage students to complete orientation as soon as possible.

How do I know if I successfully completed orientation?

Once you have completed all 8 modules and assessment in the next steps you have completed orientation. Lastly, at the end of module 8 complete your Self-Certification of Virtual Orientation Completion.  Upon receipt, your hold will be removed within 24-hrs.

I have completed orientation, what are my next steps?

Please log into your myUDC portal, to ensure you do not have any outstanding holds that will prevent you from registering from classes.  For your convenience, you may find step by step instructions. If you have successfully satisfied all admission and immunization record holds, you should only see the academic advising and orientation holds on your account which will be removed after you have scheduled an appointment with your academic advisor. If you admission holds such as final high school transcript, please contact your high school immediately and ask that your final high school transcript (graduation date/school official signature) is emailed to the Office of Admission at If you have outstanding immunization history form and immunization records, please upload them to  If you need assistance health services may be reached at (202) 274-5030.

How do I register for classes?

Once you completed orientation and have ensured all holds have been cleared (except orientation and advising), freshman and sophomore please schedule a virtual appointment with your assigned academic advisor using the A.AC.T Platform.  You may access the A.AC.T platform by signing into your myUDC portal, selecting QuickLaunch then A.AC.T.  Academic advisors are assigned by campus and program. Please refer to the chart’s below to identify your advisor. Once you have been advised on what courses to take your advising hold will be removed, you view our How to register for classes video for step-by-step registration instructions. Additionally, your academic advisor will provide step-by-step instructions.


I am transfer student with 60+ credits. Who is my advisor?

When you communicate with your advisor, please address them appropriately, for example:
Dear Dr./Professor ______
I would like to set up a meeting to discuss registration for fall/spring semester.  My name is _____.  My student ID number is ______.  My major is ______.  I can be reached at _______ (current phone number).  Thank you for you time.

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Thomas Licata, Acting Assistant Dean, Student Affairs (, 274-6366)
Mr. Terry Best, Staff Assistant (, 274-5194)
Department of Arts and Humanities
Chair, Dr. Alex Howe (

  • Music
  • Digital Media
  • English
  • Art

Department of Education and Social Work
Chair, Dr. Anika Burtin (, on sabbatical. Please refer to Dr. Thomas Licata (

Department of Math and Science
Chair, Dr. Xueqing Song (

  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Chair, Dr. Guy Shroyer (

  • Psychology
  • Human Development
  • Administration of Justice
  • Political Science

College of Architecture, Urban Sustainability, and Environmental Sciences

CAUSES Dean’s Office
Dr. James Maiden – Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Health, Nutrition and Dietetics, Architecture, Nursing
Dr. Cooper

  • Urban Sustainability

Dr. Jackson

  • Health Education

Dr. B Michelle Harris

  • Nutrition and Dietetics

Professor Ralph Belton / *Dr. Kimberly Tuttle*

  • Architecture

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)

All transfer students go to their faculty advisors for this department year round
Dr. Behera

  • Civil Engineering

Dr. Wellman

  • Computer Science and Information Technology

Dr. Ososanya

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Klein

  • Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA)

Dr. Ivanov Sergey -

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Management Information Systems
  • Logistics/International Trade
  • Hospitality

Dr. Tan -

  • Accounting
  • Finance
How can I check the status of my financial aid?

You can check your status by logging into your myUDC portal/StudentForms account, and selecting the financial aid tab. If you have questions after you have reviewed your status, please email or call (202) 274-5941.

How can I purchase my books?

Follett All Access is a comprehensive program that provides all course materials (i.e. textbooks, lab kits and required supplies as determined by your instructor) by the first day of classes for those students registered by. For example, if you are taking 12 credit hours, you will be charged $408.00 (12 x 34 = 408) for access to this program for the spring semester.  Great news, the university is covering the cost of the program for all students, fall 2021 & spring 2022 semesters. For more information about the Follett All Access Program, please visit .

I have registered for classes and noticed I was charged for health insurance. I have my own health insurance, how do I get this removed from my account?

Within 24-48hrs after you register for classes, you may opt-out of the University sponsored health insurance program by visiting Please have your insurance card available before you log in to this website.  If your waiver is approved, the Office of Student Accounts ( or 202-274-5941) will remove this charge within 3 business days.

How do I obtain my University ID Card?

The procedure for spring 2022 will be updated here by December 1, 2021.

How do I obtain a parking pass?

As University facilities began to open in July 2021 additional information regarding procedures will be shared and this page will be updated accordingly.  In the interim, you may find the parking pass information  and rates by visiting, .

I have not received my myUDC portal log in credentials?

After you accept your offer of admission, , you will receive an email from with your login credentials.  Please be sure to check your junk and spam folders.

If you cannot locate the email with your credentials, please call the IT Help Desk at 202.274.5941 or email  For faster service, ensure that you have your student id number handy.

Are students required to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes, COVID vaccinations will be required for all students, faculty and staff effective the fall 2021 semester. Please upload proof of vaccination or submit your religious or medical exemption request by December 20, 2021, . Additionally, students under the age of 27 and international students have additional vaccination requirements which may also be uploaded on our immunization portal.

Student Orientation Group Shot

What to Do before Orientation

STEP 1 – STEP 1 – Confirmation of Enrollment
STEP 2 – Submit Final Transcripts,
STEP 3 – Submit Health Forms – Students under the age of 27  must complete the Immunization History Form and upload a copy of their immunization records by logging on to the Student Health Portal UDC Student Health Portal
STEP 4 – Apply for Residency Status (if applicable) –Apply for Residency Status (if applicable), Establishing DC and Metro Residency

Follett Access Program

Transforming the Way Course Materials are Delivered – Follett Access Textbook Program

The Follett ACCESS program takes the hassle out of course material buying because course material costs are covered as part of the Follett All Access Fee. This allows every enrolled student access to all required materials on day one. Click HERE to learn more.

Student Ambassadors

Student Life – How to Get Involved!

Student Clubs & Organizations – If you want the total college experience, you need to get involved! There are plenty of clubs, organizations, activities, and events waiting just for YOU!

Click HERE for more information.

Mason at Student Orientation

Parent & Family Program

Sending a child to college has an impact on the entire family. It’s our goal to provide you with the resources and support that you need to help your student succeed. Check out our Parent Corner for more information.

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