VA Education Enrollment Form

    What is the program of study you are seeking?

    Total Active Duty Service Time

    I am the person stated on the top of this form and I authorize UDC Veterans Affairs Office to certify me for the stated semesters I indicated on this form

    I am responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of the VA Educational Program. Updates are always found at

    If I withdrew from a semester, I will need to re-submit this form to receive my VA Educational Benefits for any future semesters

    All correspondences will be via UDC email, text and Grades First system

    I may incur a debt, my enrollment may not be processed, and my paperwork may be terminated if one of the following applies:(a) Major/Minor/Certificate declared with UDC Veterans Affairs office differs from what has been declared with the school, (b) Enrolled in classes not required for my declared Major/Minor/Certificate, (c) Receive failing grades for unofficial withdrawal of course(s), (d) Repeating courses already successfully completed, (e) Adding classes without notifying UDC Veterans Affairs Office, (f) Being academically dismissed from UDC, (g) Not being eligible or no longer being eligible for VA Educational Benefits

    I must complete a mandatory student orientation with UDC Veteran Affairs Office; if I have never completed an orientation; I am a new or transfer student to UDC

    I have read this complete form and agree to the policy and procedures on receiving my VA Educational Benefits through UDC Veterans Affairs Office

    I accept full responsibility to pay UDC the following (A) The VA does not pay the school for tuition and fees owed for any reason (B) If I receive a refund from the school based on money received from the VA and VA decides the money should not have been refunded

    Please make sure you check all boxes.