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Acting UDC President:
“We Are Moving To A Much Better Place”


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  Jackson listens attentively to one of the audience members after the event.

The acting vice president of the University of the District of Columbia is a man with a plan and he’s on a mission to ‘clean house.’ Speaking at the “State of the University Address” hosted by the office of the student representative to the Board of Trustees, Stanley Jackson’s message was clear – shape up or ship out. “We have no room for failure. Everyone will be held accountable,” he said.

His tone came in the wake of the startling revelations found after meticulous analysis of the university’s financial records and operating practices and also on the heels of the departures – whether voluntarily or not it is still up for debate –of former UDC president, Dr. Pollard, vice-president of Student Affairs, Clemmie Solomon, and Dr. Harold Merritt, Athletics Director.

The question now being asked in hushed tones among faculty, staff and students alike is, “Who will go next?”

One thing that is certain is the resounding warning from this former Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development is that everyone must ‘step up their game’ because the old way of doing things will no longer work.

The core of Jackson’s address suggested that the needs of the students must remain at the forefront. “If it were not for the students we would not be here, therefore everything we do must be centered around the students,” he said.

One of the main issues plaguing students is dilapidated buildings. In response to this concern raised by a student in the audience, Jackson revealed that the common trend was to do a “quick fix” instead of addressing the root cause of damage.

He elaborated that the amount of money spent in the past to do constant, shallow repairs of the same problem could have paid for a complete overhaul of the affected area. “That will not happen again,” he said as he assured everyone present that improvement of the school’s infrastructure is one of his top priorities. “We will go through building by building, classroom by classroom. We will do whatever we have to do to create a conducive environment.”

Filled with confidence and optimism Jackson declared, “we are moving to a much brighter place…a year from today we will have a totally different school.”

Jackson made a plea to the packed audience to re-commit themselves and partner with him to help take UDC to higher heights. “There is so much greatness that is yet to be revealed in this university,” he said.

Motivated by his love for people and a drive for service this survivor of colon cancer believes that he will thrive and accomplish great things in this university environment.

Also addressing the packed Windows Lounge in Bldg. 38 was vice-president of Student Affairs, Dr. Janice Borlandoe who echoed Jackson’s sentiments. “We will continue to work on what’s important to you. We will continue to listen and be the voice of the students,” she said.

Stating confidently that he does not ever get too tired to serve Jackson said, “I love people, I am driven by service. I can’t be in a better environment that a university.”


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