The Equity Imperative

Completing Pathways to the Middle Class

Equal Funding for the University of the District of Columbia

The Issue

Now more than ever District Residents need a sustainable pathway to the middle class.

The Solution

Regenerate the University of the District of Columbia as a National Model of student success with Equal Funding.

Equal funding for UDC – The University requests a moderate increase to the University’s funding by $14.0 million in FY2019.

Equal funding for UDC –  will allow UDC to continue to build upon the strong success of the new leadership over the past two years that is moving the University in a positive and prosperous direction completing the pathway to the middle class for all District residents.

Equal funding for UDC – will improve academic programs, infrastructure modernization, promote institutional effectiveness allowing UDC to serve their students at the highest level.

Equal funding for UDC – will assist in establishing UDC as the Public University Model of Urban Student Success

Equal funding for UDC – will allow the University to increase the Number of UDC Degree and Workforce Credentialed Graduates

How You Can Support

ATTEND – Budget Forums, Hearings

CALL   202.727.2643

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Equal Funding for UDC

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Video of Presentation

President Mason Equity Imperative (Presentation)(.pdf)

Community Support for Funding to UDC