How do I get services

Follow these five steps to get services and accommodations:

1. Gather the necessary eligibility documentation, as explained in that section of the web page.

2. Complete your intake form package. Click here to get a printable PDF file with all your intake package forms. Alternately, you can pick up a printed package at the DRC.

3. Make an appointment to meet with a DRC counselor to register for services. Do this by calling (202) 274-6417.

4. With the help of your DRC counselor, register for services and receive advising on your class schedule. Your counselor will help identify special needs and determine which accommodations will be helpful. Specific accommodations often suggested for students are listed in the About Disabilities section, at the end of each specific disability description.

5. You will be given letters for each of your classes in which faculty support is needed for the accommodation. It is then your (the student’s) responsibility to take the accommodation letters to your professors. Plan to meet with them privately during the first week of class to work out the logistics of providing the approved accommodation. If you have any difficulties in receiving approved accommodations and cannot resolve the difficulty, come talk to the Disability Resource Center and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Note 1: When considered appropriate, an early class registration is available to students upon request. This is particularly helpful when extra time will be needed to provide academic accommodations such as taped texts, interpreters, notetakers, readers, etc.

Note 2: It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for certain services which are outside the scope of the DRC office. These services include, but may not be limited to: attendant care, mobility training, items and services of a personal nature as well as sources of financial aid. The DRC staff are always available to consult with you regarding your special needs and possible local resources.