Grievance Procedure

Conflict Resolutions/Complaints

If reasonable accommodations, as determined by ARC, are not implemented in an effective and timely manner, students with disabilities are responsible for contacting the appropriate Departmental Chairperson (of the relevant academic department in which the student believes he/she was not provided with the appropriate accommodations). The student should consult with the Departmental Chairperson for assistance in resolving the matter with the relevant professor. ARC will work with university personnel and the students to resolve disagreements regarding recommended accommodations.

If the dispute cannot be resolved at this level, existing appeal procedures in the respective colleges should be employed. Professors who question the legitimacy of an accommodation recommended by ARC shall continue to afford the accommodation to the student while the appeals procedures are implemented.

Complaints alleging that a qualified individual with a disability has been excluded from participation in, been denied the benefits of, or otherwise has been subjected to discrimination in university programs or activities may be filed under the following grievance procedures:

– Students must make complaints alleging a violation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act in writing to the University’s Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) and the appropriate Departmental Chairperson or designee immediately upon the alleged violation or claim of failure to provide reasonable accommodation. The written complaint should specify the time, place, and nature of the act claimed to be in violation and may be supplemented by supporting documents and/or affidavits from persons having firsthand knowledge of the facts.

– Within seven (7) days of receipt of the claim, the Departmental Chairperson or designee will investigate the complaint, attempt resolution of a complaint through mutual agreement of the student and faculty member, and draft a settlement agreement for the student’s review and signature. In the case where settlement is not reached, the Departmental Chairperson or designee will provide the Dean with written findings from the investigation, along with a recommendation for resolving the complaint. The Chairperson will forward the recommendation simultaneously to the student, the faculty member, and the Director of ARC.

– The Dean shall take final action on the recommendation within seven (7) days after receipt of the Chair’s recommendation. Consultation will be provided by ARC as requested.

– Within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of the Dean’s findings, the student may appeal to the Chief Student Development and Success Officer or designee by filing a request for a review of a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of a disability or failure to provide reasonable accommodations.

– Within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of the students appeal, the Chief Student Development and Success Officer or designee will render a final decision on the complaint and forwarded such decision simultaneously to the student, the faculty member and the Director of DRC.

– If the student is unsatisfied with the decision of the Chief Student Development and Success Officer or designee, the student may appeal the matter to the Associate General Counsel Marko Jankovic, Esq, who is located in Building 39, Room 201, 202.274.5400.


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