Campus Wide COVID adjustments

Signage & Space Reconfigurations

  • Installing Signage for direction, rules, and guidelines for everyone entering the campuses
  • Establishing specific building entry points, including identified checkpoints for initial entry into the various campuses
  • Determining and limiting the occupancy of rooms to permit social distancing
  • Reconfiguring spaces & installing barriers in classrooms, labs, reception, and other areas where interaction is necessary and social distancing is not always possible
  • Closing non-essential areas and removing access furniture and seating where appropriate to help maintain social distancing
  • Placing signage to limit number of individuals in elevators
  • Configuring 6thfloor of 4250 as area for study and work via “learning and work pods”


  • Using CDC Recommended cleaners and disinfectants known to be effective against COVID-19
  • Increasing the cleaning frequency of high use spaces such as classrooms/labs and high touch areas such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, & computer keyboards
  • Establishing cleaning schedules based on specific daily room usage and type of usage (e.g. Classrooms/Labs after each use)
  • sanitization stations in appropriate areas

Building Systems

  • Installing High Efficiency Filters in air handling systems designed to capture droplets in the size range of the COVID-19 virus
  • Increasing the introduction of outside air into the room supply air stream to help dilute the concentration of recycled air in occupied spaces
  • Long term installation of air system cleaning equipment such as UV disinfecting lighting
  • Re-programming elevators to allow for limited use