CDIMA Student Assistants

Taylor Bryant

Taylor Bryant

Taylor Bryant (She/They pronouns) is a Black Queer Lesbian and a Washington, DC native. She is currently attending the University of the District of Columbia and is majoring in Business Management. She is committed to the liberation of all marginalized and oppressed people and is specifically committed to serving and amplifying the voices of LGBTQ+ people on HBCU campuses; Taylor believes that HBCUs should be liberating environments for all students who attend. She serves as the rechartering president of The Alliance Group (T.A.G) which is the undergraduate LGBTQ+ organization on campus and also serves as a Student Assistant for the newly founded Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Affairs (CDIMA) at UDC.

As T.A.G. President, she has been charged with revamping the organization, advocating for inclusive policies and resources, and organizing around issues that are impacting LGBTQ+ students. She was accepted to the Young People For (YP4) Blueprint for Social Justice Fellowship, a yearlong leadership development program for young people committed to creating positive social change in their communities.

Taylor is committed to ensuring that UDC is an affirming and inclusive campus through being T.A.G President and a CDIMA Student Assistant. She looks forward to serving as a student leader and organizer that will that transform the culture, perceptions, and experiences of LGBTQ+ students at UDC. She is a member of the Black Youth Project 100 and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

Shabre West

Shabre West

Shabre West (She,Her Pronouns) is a Black lesbian woman who is a Washington, DC native. She is currently attending the University of the District of Columbia pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Shabre serves as the Vice President of The Alliance Group (T.A.G) and is committed to finding resources for LGBTQ+ youth of color to help navigate through high school and college. She is focused on changing the culture at UDC by making sure all students, regardless of sexual orientation, feel valued. Shabre believes no student should ever have to experience discrimination or negative behavior, regardless of their sexual orientation.


Shabre was accepted to be the National HIV/AIDS awareness day ambassador for Advocates for Youth and also was accepted into Youth Resource which is a year-long development and leadership program designed by and for LGBTQ+ youth of color including face-to-face trainings/webinars. Youth Resource leaders are responsible for providing their communities around the country with information, resources and education to address LGBTQ+ health and rights. In this role, she has committed to engaging in learning, organizing, and mobilizing around HIV related issues such as eliminating stigma and discrimination and leading LGBTQ Health Awareness Week events.

Shabre is looking forward to continuing  the shift in ensuring that UDC is an inclusive campus through hosting awareness days, developing LGBTQ-inclusive policy recommendations and organizing students of all backgrounds.

Radjay Rodney

Radjay Rodney (He, Him Pronouns) an international student who hails from the tropical Caribbean island of Jamaica. He has been working with the Office of International Student Services for almost a year. Rajay is particularly passionate about appreciating and valuing people while they are still alive and ensuring that we do our all that is humanly possible to protect and preserve this one earth that has been sent to us. Hence, he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Education, with a concentration in public health here at the University of the District of Columbia.

Rajay deems himself as one who is always busy and does wonders in winning the respect and admiration of many who would often seek his advice on matters even beyond his scope of skills, education and knowledge—”He will find a way” his peers will often say. Rajay finds great favor in writing his own quotes as he reflects on his own life, experiences, and what takes place in his surroundings daily. There is probably nothing that means more to him than having very lengthy conversations and making people feel a sense of belonging.

If you should ask what keeps him going, then he will be quick to let you know that it is only through the power and goodness of God. He solely believes that we all have a great work to do in making the lives of each other more meaningful in even the minutest way possible. One thing that he endeavors to do is to live each day being mindful that tomorrow is never promised. One of Rajay’s own quotes are: “Your best isn’t good enough when you still haven’t given your all”.

Breanna Champion

Breanna ChampionBreanna Champion (she/her/they pronouns) is a Black and Queer identified, married, non-traditional student attending The University of the District of Columbia from Chicago. They have been organizing for Black liberation over the past 6 years via decriminalization efforts, campaigns to raise the minimum wage, voter engagement, police de-militarization, and anti-torture organizing. Breanna is apart of the We Charge Genocide collective of organizers who fought and represented all young Black people tortured at the hands of the state by presenting a shadow report outlining such abuses at the United Nations to the 53rd session Committee Against Torture. Breanna is a member of the Black Youth Project 100, the on-campus organization The Alliance Group (TAG), and is an inaugural student assistant for The Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Affairs at UDC. They are currently studying biology with a goal to study + practice medicine. Breanna is interested in joining the research to finding out what it takes for two same sex couples to reproduce (invitro gametogenesis) and implementations for reproductive justice centering Black + Queer people.

They are excited for the Center’s inception and to be supporting our community’s students who are usually left on the fringes. Breanna, with Taylor and other campus organizations, hopes to organize for campus-wide gender-neutral bathrooms and cultural competency trainings in an effort to provide a safer learning environment for all students.