Transition Services

Ms. Rosetta BrownWhat are Transition Services?
We provide one on one advising for students interested in pursuing or continuing their educational goals.  Transition Services are the third pillar in UDC’s Workforce Development Student Success Initiative. The Student Success Initiative focuses all of our efforts on the students’ and their dreams through three pillars: 1) building community, 2) promoting feedback loops and 3) helping students transition.

What kinds of Transition Services are provided?

  • Assistance with college applications and the enrollment process
  • Assistance with completing the FAFSA financial aid applications
  • Identifying additional financial resources for college expenses
  • Conducting degree audits and reviews of prior college transcripts

What is a Degree Audit?
A Degree audit is performed for students who started in a degree program (any school, does not have to be UDC), but did not complete.  The review will show how close the student is to achieving their degree with UDC.

What is the process for receiving Services?
Contact one of your Transition Coordinators to schedule an appointment:

Do students really use this service?
Yes! Since implementing Transition Services in the Fall, 2013 semester, we have served over 200 students with Transitions Services. Additionally, we have assisted one hundred twenty-four (124) students with enrolling into degree programs. The very first student who received a degree audit via Transitions Services was only 6 credits away from completion of her program of study and has since earned her degree.

How much does this service cost?
It is absolutely FREE!!