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Educational Effectiveness

One of the goals of the community college is to provide high quality programs for District residents. This goal is aligned with standards 11 and 14 of MSCHE (Educational Offerings and Student Learning and Assessment, respectively). The institution’s educational offerings display academic content that is rigorous and coherent, with specific alignment to the mission of the Community College and UDC as a whole. Assessment of student learning demonstrates that, at every milestone of matriculation, students have acquired the corresponding knowledge, skills, and competencies. In meeting and exceeding the requirements of standards 11 and 14, the Community College meets every benchmark of Educational Effectiveness. In keeping with the requirements that are embedded within Educational Effectiveness, the Community College has adopted eight college wide student learning outcomes. They are as follows:

Student Learning Outcomes

In 2010, the college developed a plan to assess student learning, which included program and course assessments. In keeping with this plan, the college has also developed a template that faculty must use to report their findings related to student learning outcomes and actionable steps to improve these outcomes. These assessments are used to drive decisions regarding improvements in areas such as student learning, engagement, and teaching effectiveness.

Assessment Framework

Program assessment template

Course assessment template

Example of course assessment template

Data summary worksheet template

Data summary worksheets

Executive summary spreadsheet

Student success initiatives

Co-Requisite Remediation at UDC