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Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all of the College’s academic activities. The goal of the Office of Academic Affairs is to attract and retain the best faculty and staff to assist in offering an outstanding education for the students of UDC-CC. Our cumulative programs are designed to provide opportunities for the students to obtain the requisite skills for today’s workforce and to prepare for the needs of tomorrow.

Led by Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, Acting Dean for Academic Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs’ major responsibilities include academic planning, programs, and support services; academic policy; academic services; budgets; faculty affairs, governance, appointments, and advancements; research administrative support and compliance; institutional research; and producing the College’s 2-year undergraduate catalogs. Academic Affairs is responsible for helping both students and faculty achieve their academic and professional goals.

Student Concerns

The University of the District of Columbia Community College strives to meet the needs of all students in all areas of academic and extracurricular life.    However, if you are experiencing problems, please don’t hesitate to let someone know.   We will work to review your problem/concern and to help you find avenues for resolution.  Procedures have been developed to fairly address your concerns.  Please use one of the forms below to communicate with us.

Student Complaint/Grievance Form | Grade Appeal Process | Discrimination/Harassment