Degree Programs
The WRRI serves the need of DC’s school children, university students, water professionals and concerned citizens by providing opportunities for engagement in water-related activities and advanced degree programs that foster significant learning about our DC’s Water resources and caring for their protection or restoration. Through its nationally recognized research laboratories, the WRRI has contributed to the development and implementation of the new graduate and undergraduate degree programs at UDC. Research projects funded through the WRRI directly benefits two undergraduate and four graduate programs:

Training and Public Engagement
Engaging DC residents and training future water scientists or engineers is part of the mission of the DC WRRI. In collaboration with other land grant centers of UDC/CAUSES and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, we provide students as well as water professionals a formal or an informal training program. Informal training program includes customized hands-on lab activities for K-12 and formal training program includes customized certificate professional training programs:

We organize an annual water conference in collaboration with regional as well as local water organizations.
Past Mid-Atlantic Water Conference

NCR-AWRA, the WRRI organizes an annual water symposium in DC. Annual conference is the state’s premier conference focusing on water resources research, policy and management issues in North Carolina. This event brings together over 250 people from diverse sectors and geographical locations to share, network, and find solutions to our pressing water challenges.
Past NCR-AWRA Water Symposium

World Green Energy Symposium

Training students is the WRRI’s priority. WRRI supported more than 200 graduate and undergraduate students through direct participation in research activities. We also engage K-12 students in hands-on water quality testing activities.

The WRRI supports 2-4 students each year in providing 1 – 2 years of research experience in state-of-the-art and nationally accredited water and environmental quality testing laboratory. We encourage students to publish papers or engage in the regional and national water conferences. This program helped several students won the best presentation award or publish papers. The WRRI organizes a summer bridge program for incoming freshmen students or senior high school students.