Soil Testing

The University of the District of Columbia’s Environmental Quality Testing Laboratory will be able to service soil sampling needs in the near future.  In the meanwhile, the following link, will take you to the website for A&L Eastern Labs, which does lead and arsenic testing specifically and give you instructions on how to collect a soil sample.  The Laboratory may also be reached on 804.743.9401.  They offer a relatively short turnaround time for both lead and arsenic testing.  Special pricing for DC Residents is $60.00, which includes arsenic, lead and a basic soil test that includes pH levels. The other lab that tests for both lead and arsenic on the East Coast is Penn State University, which can be reached via

If you need help collecting the sample, please contact UDC’s Office of Cooperative Extension Service (CES), to schedule a site visit with an Extension Agent to assist you.  The Center’s Extension Agents may be reached directly via the information listed below.  With your permission, the Extension Agent will collect an additional sample and analyze it in our lab here at the University of the District of Columbia. Once the testing results are received from either of the testing laboratories above, we would ask that you send the results to the Cooperative Extension Service office in order to verify that the testing results are consistent and to, if needed, assist you in interpreting them.

For further questions regarding Lawn and Garden issues, please contact:  Sandy Farber (please see below for contact information)

For further questions regarding growing vegetables contact: Mary Farrah at or 202.274.6682 or Yao Afantchao at or 202.274.5419

Sandra Farber Bandier
Coordinator, Master Gardener & Junior Master Gardener Programs