Department of Architecture
& Urban Sustainability

Department of Health,
Nursing & Nutrition


In the field of nursing, there is always more to learn. The nursing program at CAUSES develops students into lifelong learners who are equipped to provide the best healthcare to their patients and advance their careers.

Nutrition and Dietetics

The nutrition and dietetics program offers a robust education experience that prepares students for a variety of professional settings such as food service, community nutrition, and clinical practice.

Health Education

The Health Education program seeks to create economic opportunity and improve quality of life for communities in the District of Columbia and beyond. Through its research and community outreach initiatives, the Health Education program is shaping professionals who will transform the health outcomes of communities across the nation.

Architecture & Community Planning

Through research-based collaboration with partners across various fields such as environmental studies and agriculture, students explore new solutions for sustainability in urban settings.

Professional Science Masters

The Professional Science Master’s Program is designed to advance students’ knowledge of water resources management, urban sustainability and urban agriculture. The program’s innovative approach to urban sustainability prepares students to be competitive in the workforce and engage in the field as  lifelong learners.