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Faculty & Staff Roster


Office of the Dean

Dr. Dwane Jones Dean and Director of Land-Grant Programs 71/5243 202.274.7182 dwane.jones@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Urban Sustainability, Urban Stormwater Management, Environmental Policy, Urban Design, Public Health
Dr. Ricardo Brown Associate Dean for Academic Programs/
Founding Director, School of Health and Clinical Sciences
71/5244 202.274.7137 ricardo.brown@udc.edu
Dr. James Maiden Associate Dean, Administration 71/5244 202.274.1737 james.maiden@udc.edu
Dr. Andrew Carson Data and Assessment Manager 71/5322 202.597.2725 andrew.carson@udc.edu
Coretta Troxler Marketing and Communications Assistant 71/5240A 202.274.7123 coretta.troxler@udc.edu
Marshelle Hailstock Project Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment 71/5240B 202.274.7135 mhailstock@udc.edu
Monica Wiggins Contracts and Grants Associate 71/5321 202.274.7118 mwiggins@udc.edu



Land-grant Programs

Office of the Associate Dean

William Hare Associate Dean for Land-grant Programs 71/5221 202.274.7133 whare@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Soil Nutrients, Water Resources Management, Ethnic and Specialty Crops
Roy Lycorish Research and Logistics Associate Firebird Farm 301.937.6715 rlycorish@udc.edu
Rebecca Bankhead Manager for Youth Education and Resource Development 71/5315 202.274.7081 rbankhead@udc.edu


Center for Urban Agriculture and Gardening Education

Mchezaji Axum Director, Center for Urban Agriculture and Gardening Education 71/5137 202.274.6691 mchezaji.axum@udc.edu
Research Speciality: Soil Nutrition, High-Intensity Urban Farming, Agroecology
Dr. Matthew Richardson Assistant Director of Urban Agriculture Research 71/5135 202.274.5947 matthew.richardson@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Understanding plant-insect relationships in human-managed, disturbed, and restored habitats.
Patricia Bon Project Associate 71/5136C 202.403.9487 patricia.bon@udc.edu
Dr. Mamatha Hanumappa Project Specialist, Ethnic and Specialty Crops 71/5133 202.274.5499 mamatha.hanumappa@udc.edu
Thomas Wheet Research and Logistics Coordinator 71/5210J 202.274.5419 thomas.wheet@udc.edu
Caitlin Arlotta Research Associate, Urban Agriculture caitlin.arlotta@udc.edu
Dr. Caroline Staub Project Specialist 71/5131 202.274.6691 caroline.staub@udc.edu
Diego Lahaye  4H Program Associate 71/5420C dlahaye@udc.edu



Center for Urban Resilience, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Dr. Kamran Zendehdel Acting Director, Sustainability Education 71/5118 202.274.7161 kamran.zendehdel@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Urban Sustainability, Environmental Policy, Experimental Design, Community Engagement, Group Decision Making
Harris Trobman Project Specialist, Green Infrastructure 71/5115 202.274.6682 harris.trobman@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Restoration of urban systems, with a particular interest in diverse and complex systems, and his skills include socially responsive design, community engagement, landscape architecture, urban design, and horticulture
Danyal Eisenbrandt Staff Assistant 71/5112 202.274.7139 caroline.howe@udc.edu
Elizabeth Gearin Project Specialist, Urban Planning 71/5110 202.274.7128 elizabeth.gearin@udc.edu


Water Resources Research Institute

Dr. Tolessa Deksissa Director, Water Resources Research Institute 71/5111 202.274.5273 tdeksissa@udc.edu
Research Speciality: Water quality assessment and modeling; emerging contaminants; GIS-based modeling of green infrastructure; trace metal analysis and speciation with ICP-MS; analysis of pesticide, PCBs, and emerging contaminants with GC-MS, analysis of pharmaceutical and personal care products using TOF-MS with DSA; fate and transport of organic contaminants in soil and water; modeling integrated urban wastewater system; adaptive water resources management; and fostering significant learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
Sebhat Tefera Project Specialist, Environmental Testing 42/110 202.274.6091 stefera@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Perchlorate analyses in drinking and groundwater contaminants, vegetables, fruits, and milk by LC/MS/MS (Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry), sodium in low sodium food products by ICP/MS (Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry), and detection of the adulteration of cereal flours with melamine and related triazine byproducts of ammeline, ammelide, and cyanuric acid by HPLC/DAD (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode-Array Detection)
Sania Rose Project Assistant, Environmental Testing Sciences 42/110 sania.rose@udc.edu


Center for Nutrition, Diet & Health

Dr. Lillie Monroe-Lord Director, Center for Nutrition, Diet & Health 71/5416 202.274.7125 monroelord@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Inner City Childhood Obesity Prevention, Food Security, Health Literacy and Geriatrics
Carmen Hernandez Staff Assistant 71/5310J 202.274.5530  carmen.hernandezcand@udc.edu
Dr. Amy Schweitzer Project Specialist, Community Educator Nutrition and Health 71/5414 202.274.6596 amy.schweitzer@udc.edu
Dr. Tiffany Johnson-Largen Project Specialist, Health and Wellness 71/5415 202.274.6708 tiffany.johnsonlarge@udc.edu
Paul Brown, Jr. Food Safety Coordinator 71/5410E 202.274.6490 pbrown@udc.edu
Gregory Cooper Project Coordinator, EFNEP 71/5410A 202.274.7172 gregory.cooper@udc.edu
Herbert Holden Extension Agent I 71/5410C 202.274.5755 hholden@udc.edu
Dr. Carlton Crocket Sr. Program Coordinator Food Systems 71/5411 202.274.6639 carlton.crocket@udc.edu
Pamela Williams Project Assistant 71/5310K 202.274.6602 pmwilliams@udc.edu
Miranda Desmarais Project Coordinator, SNAP-Ed 71/5410D 202.274.6783 miranda.desmarais@udc.edu
Cassidy Weitman Project Coordinator, SNAP-Ed 71/5410F 202.274.6783 cassidy.weitman@udc.edu
Banafsheh Dehdashtizadeh Senior Project Coordinator, EFNEP 71/5413 202.274.6647 banafsheh.dehdashtizadeh@udc.edu

Institute of Gerontology

James Lee Volunteer Program Coordinator 71/5310B 202.274.6658 jlee@udc.edu
Bhushan Kulkarni Program Specialist, Gerontology, Health & Wellness 71/5311 bhushan.kulkarni@udc.edu
Pamela Williams Project Assistant 71/5310K 202.274.6602 pmwilliams@udc.edu
Luisa Merrill Respite Aid/Bodywise Coordinator  71/5310B luisa.merrill@udc.edu


Academic Programs

Office of the Associate Dean

Dr. Ricardo Brown Associate Dean for Academic Programs/
Founding Director, School of Health and Clinical Sciences
71/5244 202.274.7137 ricardo.brown@udc.edu
Teresa Merz Staff Assistant, Associate Dean of Academics 71/5240E 202.274.7129/202.738.0799 teresa.merz@udc.edu
Donta Thornton Staff Assistant/IT Liaison 32/104 202.274.7167/202.594.7796 donta.thornton@udc.edu

Architecture and Urban Sustainability

Dr. Anna Franz Acting Chair/Associate Professor 32/104B 202.274.3249 anna.franz@udc.edu 
Research Specialty: Preservation Rehabilitation
Dr. Sabine O’Hara Professor/PhD Urban Leadership 71/5111 202.274.7011 sabine.ohara@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Sustainable Economic Development, Community based approaches to Economic Development, Ecological and Agricultural Economics, stakeholder-based assessment, Discourse Based Valuation, Economic Development, and it’s Social/Cultural and Environmental Context.
Ralph Belton Assistant Professor 32/104C 202.274. 5043 rbelton@udc.edu
Vacant Associate Professor
Kathy Denise Dixon Assistant Professor 32/104G 202.274.66537446 kimberly.tuttle@udc.edu
Kimberly Tuttle Adjunct Professor 202.274.7446 kdixon@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Urban Planning, LEED buildings
James Killette Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/C03 202.274.5056 jkillette@udc.edu
Dr. Brian Bramel Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104B 202.274.3249 brian.bramel@udc.edu
Tara Pase Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104B 202.274.3249 tara.pase@udc.edu
Howard Gibbs Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104B 202.274.3249 hcgibbs06@gmail.com
Wanda Briscoe Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104 202.274.7167 wanda.briscoe@udc.edu
Stanford Britt Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104 202.274.7167 stanford.britt@udc.edu
Hyon Rah Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104 202.274.7167 hyon.rah@udc.edu
Kenneth Filler Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104 202.274.7167 kenneth.filler@udc.edu
Gina Fernandes Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104 202.274.7167 gina.fernandes@udc.edu
Davide Prete Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104 202.274.7167 davide.prete@udc.edu
Mohammad Kamal Adjunct Professor Architecture 32/104 202.274.7167 mohammad.kamal@udc.edu
Dr. Maros Ivanic Adjunct Professor PhD Urban Leadership 32/104 202.274.7167 maros.ivanic@udc.edu
Tamrat Bedane Adjunct Professor: Environmental Sustainability 32/104 202.274.7167 tamrat.bedane@udc.edu
Niquinn Fowler Adjunct Professor: Environmental Sustainability/PSM 32/104 202.274.7167 niquiin.fowler@udc.edu
Dr. Matthew Richardson PSM Coordinator, Urban Agriculture 71/5135 202.274.5947 Matthew.richardson@udc.edu
Dr. Tolessa Deksissa PSM Coordinator, Water Resources Management 71/5111 202.274.5273 tdeksissa@udc.edu

Health, Nursing & Nutrition

Dr. Ricardo Brown  Associate Dean for Academic Programs/Founding Director, School of Health and Clinical Sciences 71/5244 202.274.7137 ricardo.brown@udc.edu
Dr. Tia Jeffery Assistant Professor, Nutrition 71/5235 202.274.7142 tia.jeffery@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Urban Health Disparities, positive youth development via nutrition education and fitness, and Senior Wellness
Dr. B. Michelle Harris Program Director of Nutrition and Dietetics 71/5237 202.274.5739 bharris@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Minority health issues and reducing health disparities
Raeleena Collington Visiting Assistant Professor 202.274.5379 raeleena.collington@udc.edu
Dr. Phronie Jackson Assistant Professor, Health 71/5232 202.274.5932/202.963.8703 phronie.jackson@udc.edu
Bessie Stockard Associate Professor, Health 71/5241 202.274.5076 bstockard@udc.edu
Dr. Pier A. Broadnax Program Director for Nursing/Associate Professor 71/5242 202.274.5916/202.963.8702 pbroadnax@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Leadership Development, Breast Cancer in Minority Women, Childhood Obesity
Dr. Elmira Asongwed Associate Professor, Nursing 71/5233 202.274.5909 easongwe@udc.edu
Research Specialty: Secondary prevention with ankle-brachial index measurements to identify peripheral artery disease and evidence-based education interventions for adult learners
Linda Hinnant Adjunct Professor Nursing 71/5240E 202.274.7129 lhinnant@udc.edu
Dr. Clarence Stewart Adjunct Professor Health Education 71/5240E 202.274.7129 cmstewart@udc.edu
Charmaine Jones Adjunct Professor Nutrition 71/5240E 202.274.7129 charmaine.jones@udc.edu

Professional Science Master’s Program (PSM)

Dr. Tolessa Deksissa Director of PSM Program and Coordinator in Water Resources Management 42/215C 202.274.5273 tdeksissa@udc.edu
Dr. Kamran Zendehdel Coordinator of PSM in Urban Sustanibility 71/5118 202.274.7161 kamran.zendehdel@udc.edu
Dr, Mamatha Hanumappa Coordinator of PSM in Urban Sustanibility 71/5133 202.274.5499 mamatha.hanumappa@udc.edu
Tamirat Bedane Adjunct Professor 42/215C 202.274.5273 tamirat.bedane@udc.edu