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Practicum and Internship Fair

Site hosts are asked to please RSVP to Dr. Ceymone Dyce, the Clinical Coordinators at [TBD]. Please include in your RSVP if you need a parking pass with your tag number.

You are encouraged to bring materials and information about your agency to share with participants. Depending on space available, agencies will have a table. Outlets are also available as needed.

We are in building number []. We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Practicum Internship Orientation

Fall, Spring, and Summer for all Counseling Students

 This is a mandatory meeting for graduate counseling students each term. This orientation is designed to help you navigate the P/I process and decrease gaps in information as we progress as a counseling community. Here you will learn specific information surrounding:

  • The approaching deadlines and requirements for your clinical experience
  • How to search for and apply to a clinical site
  • What to expect from a clinical experience
  • The expectations for your clinical placement at each stage

There will be a question and answer component to the orientation. Please be prepared to take notes and learn about the new Practicum and Internship process for your program.