Online Learning Certification

All UDC faculty are required to have an Online Teaching Certification (OTC) to teach at the institution. Additionally, any faculty member who seeks to build hybrid and or online courses is required to have an Online Build Certification (OBC). The Center for the Advancement of Learning is responsible for providing OTC and OBC certifications for UDC faculty and does this through three stages (see below). If you would like more general information about online learning at UDC please click here.

Stage 1: Online Teach Certification (OTC)

  • Blackboard (Bb) is the only recognized and supported learning management system (LMS) at UDC.  All faculty are required to build and deliver any face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses being offered in Bb. As such training (Bb Ultra Essentials Training) is required to assure all faculty are familiar with how to leverage the system to forge quality learning experiences for UDC students.
  • Bb Ultra Essentials Training is an online asynchronous self-paced training that provides faculty with a hands-on introduction to the teaching and learning features and covers important aspects of the function and usage of the LMS. The estimated time to complete the raining is 18 – 20 hours to complete (this timeframe may vary depending upon each user’s familiarity with technology). Successful completion of the Bb Ultra Essentials Training will result in an Online Teaching Certification (OTC).

Stage 2: Course Design Faculty Learning Community

  • The Course Design Faculty Learning Community facilitates a process for faculty to enhance the ways they leverage learning science and instructional technology to create synchronous and asynchronous learning activities and assessments and courses across modes of delivery. All faculty (adjunct and full time) are welcome to participate. Click here for dates and registration.
  • Upon successful completion of the Course Design Faculty Learning Community, faculty will be granted permission to pursue Online Build Certification (OBC). Those planning to pursue OBC are required to have the approval of the Department Chair and or Division Director to build a course for any given unit. Requesting approval for OBC before participating in the learning community is encouraged.

Stage 3: Online Build Certificate (OBC)

  1. Submit Course to CAL for Peer-Review (please for submission form)
  2. The course is peer-reviewed.
    1. Courses submitted by the end of the first week in April will be reviewed by the end of the first week in May
    2. Courses submitted by the end of the first week in June will be reviewed by the end of the first week in July
    3. Courses submitted by the end of the first week in September will be reviewed by the end of the first week in November
  1. Revisions (if necessary): You have one week to make revisions.
  2. Instructor receives OBC
  3. Course is UDC-certified
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