Teaching/Building Online Courses

UDC Online Certification

I am interested in teaching online at UDC; what do I need to do? OR What is the certification process to teach online at UDC?
What prerequisites are needed to become eligible to complete the online certifications?

See stage one on the Online Learning Certification page.

I am certified to build and teach courses at UDC. Can I build a course for another faculty member who possesses the Online Teach-only Certificate?

Yes, work with the respective faculty member to devise an agreement and build the course.

What is the peer review process for online courses at UDC?

To initiate the peer review process, a faculty member must complete the UDC Online/Hybrid Course Proposal Form. Prior to completing the course proposal form, the faculty member must request and populate a Blackboard course site in accordance with the Quality Matters Rubric (sixth edition). Once a faculty member submits a course proposal form, a team of certified peer reviewers will review the course, provide feedback, and allow for revisions if necessary. The peer review process takes approximately one month to complete. The faculty member will have one week to complete any necessary revisions. Once the necessary revisions are complete, the course will meet standards, be certified, and become eligible to be offered online at UDC. 

Where is the UDC Online/Hybrid Course Proposal Form located?

Click this >> link <<.

I would like some help with course design. How do I schedule a consultation?

Consultations are tailored to each faculty or staff member’s specific needs. Please click on this link to request a consultation from the Center for the Advancement of Learning—a team member will be in touch with you soon.

I have taught a course face-to-face and would like to teach this course online or in a hybrid capacity. What is the process?

Faculty members complete the UDC Online/Hybrid Course Proposal Form.

Prior to completing the course proposal form, faculty members must:

(Please Note: To establish the course site, faculty members must provide the course name and CRN number to the Center.. Since the course has not been taught in the online environment before, faculty need to obtain a new CRN for the course from their chair or dean [each time a course is designated as online or hybrid, it needs a new CRN—even if the course has been previously taught in the traditional classroom environment]. The Center then sets up the course site in Blackboard, where faculty members build the course.)

If a new CRN is not available at this time, a temporary CRN will be created but a new CRN is needed prior to course being taught.

Once the course is built, faculty submit the course for peer review.

Professional Development
When are professional development workshops offered?

See the Professional Development page.

I missed the registration deadline for the current semester’s professional development workshops. Must I wait until next semester to enroll?

Yes. Please check the  Professional Development page. 

How can I learn to use the Web 2.0 tools embedded in Blackboard?

Check the Professional Development calendar for workshops on this topic, see the information on our Faculty Resources page, and/or schedule a consultation.

Do you offer an online orientation to online learning and/or Blackboard?

Orientation to Blackboard and UDC Online Learning

is available on Blackboard

To access, log into https://udc.blackboard.com

and the link to get started is on the Student Dashboard

UDC General Online Policy
Which Web 2.0 tools are embedded in UDC's Blackboard platform?

See the Web 2.0 page.

What distinguishes an online, hybrid, and face-to-face course at UDC?

See the Online Learning page.

What is UDC’s Blackboard Policy?

See this link for UDC’s Blackboard policy.

What steps are involved in archiving my courses in Blackboard?

See the course-archiving tutorial. 

I missed the deadline for archiving my course...

Fill out the course restore form

When can I access my course(s) in Blackboard?

Your course(s) will be available approximately three weeks prior to the first day of each term.

(Please note: Your academic unit or department must have assigned you to the course(s) in order for them to be visible.)

When can my students access their course(s)?

Students can access their course(s) on the first day of each term.

I need to access my old course to obtain a student’s grade.

Fill out the restore course form

Is it possible for a non-UDC person to access my Blackboard course?

Yes. See Blackboard policy.  

Can I add a TA to my Blackboard course?

Yes.  Contact CALhelpdesk@udc.edu to do so.   

I am having general issues with Blackboard; what should I do?

Email | CALhelpdesk@udc.edu

Tel | 202.274.6628

Can I embed additional Web 2.0 tools in UDC’s Blackboard platform?

Yes. Please email CALhelpdesk@udc.edu to do so.

Blackboard Servers
What Blackboard environments are available at UDC?

What Blackboard environments are available at UDC?

UDC has a Blackboard production environment and a Blackboard staging environment.

Blackboard Production Environment

The Blackboard production environment is where live courses and organizations can be accessed.

Blackboard Staging Environment

UDC’s Blackboard staging environment contains the same features and tools as UDC Blackboard’s production environment.  UDC Blackboard’s staging environment is used to build new online/hybrid courses and test new Blackboard updates, versions, building blocks, or services. You can also access restored courses from the staging environment.

How can I access the staging environment?
How can I copy course content from the Blackboard staging to the Blackboard production environment?
What is my username and password for the staging environment?

You will use the same username and password for Blackboard (Production). 

Can my students access the staging environment?

Only faculty and staff can access the UDC Blackboard staging environment.

I can't access Blackboard via myUDC?

login in directly via https://udc.blackboard.com

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