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2010 List of Candidates for UDCNAS Offices

President  Dr. Michael Woodard
First Vice President Gregory H. Evans |  Gloria Green-Ridley
Second Vice President  Antonell Kinard Aikens-Thompson
Secretary Jacqueline Daughtry-Miller
Assistant Secretary  
Sergeant-at-Arms Kirk Adair


Dr. Michael Woodard

Dear UDCNAS Family,

UDCNAS was founded in 2003 by courageous and determined alumni, who in the face of stern opposition, kept the Society alive and moving forward. In 2008, UDCNAS was transitioned to my leadership in a fiscally sound condition. I thank the UDCNAS Founders for their work.
Under my leadership since 2008, UDCNAS has refined its mission and implemented a number of activities to support the University and students, and increase the membership of our Society. These activities included establishing the Distinguished Alumni Award, the very successful Alumni-Student Networking Event, Baseball Night Out, the UDCNAS Scholarship, and a campaign to raise funds for the UDCNAS Endowed Scholarship. We also invigorated the Annual Golf Tournament and continued the honored tradition of the Annual Dinner Dance Gala. We have tried to work with the current University administration whenever possible while challenging   policies that the Society viewed as not in the best interest of the University, students, and community. 
We accomplished a great deal during the 2008-10 period but more remains to be done. I am thankful for the privilege of serving as the UDCNAS President for this period.  For the 2010-12 years, we must establish the UDCNAS Endowed Scholarship by raising $15,000-20,000. And going forward, I believe we can be better at our fund raising activities to achieve this goal.
We must reclaim more of our Alumni. We number some 16,000 worldwide. Our current reclamation efforts are attracting new members. We are growing slowly and steadily and with sustained effort, the UDCNAS membership will continue to increase.
Our voice has been clearer and more readily recognized by the University and the Board of Trustees. We must continue to be a strong and clear voice in the city and in Congress to advocate for resources for UDC to become the premier public institution of higher education that serves the residents of Washington, DC first, and the world second.
I request your vote to serve as President of UDCNAS for 2010-12.
I will work as hard, ethically, and inclusively as I have in the last 2 years. Working together, we can make UDCNAS an even stronger and effective alumni organization. Thank you.

Gregory H. Evans, '06

Statement of Objectives, First Vice President

Dear Madam Chair,

In seeking the position of first vice president of the University of the District of
Columbia National Alumni Society, it is my intention to further the mission of the society. That mission being to actively seek and generate funds for the support of current and future students of UDC, advocating for the UDC among the local and national governments, and promoting cohesiveness between the alumni of the UDC and those from the predecessor college and schools.

As a strategy for reaching the goals that the society has set as its mission I state my objectives to be as follows:

  1. Use my nonprofit management skills to enhance the efforts of the society to obtain funds by way of personal contributions and grant funding sources.

  2. As a public relations professional I will push for the implementation of a media strategy to put the UDCNAS on the minds of citizens and political officials as an influential factor in higher education in the District of Columbia.

  3. Having work for a number of years with young people in several capacities from Scouting, to summer work programs, to juvenile detention, I will lead the way in bridging divide (whether real or perceive) between the generations of graduates and current student attending UDC (and the new District of Columbia Community College). 

Respectfully submitted,

Gregory H. Evans, ‘06

Gloria Green-Ridley, MSN, RN
I am a 1974 Federal City College B.S. in Nursing graduate and 1975 graduate in Psychology. I am a life member of the Alumni Society. My involvement goes back to the original alumni association in the 1970’s. This past year, as Associate VP, I represented the Society at University events including Convocation and Commencement.
My objective is to work with the other officers to facilitate the continued growth of the Society by reconnecting with alumni across the country and aboard; maintain a good working relationship with the University alumni office; and provide service to the University that would be appropriate for alumni.
I am a nursing educator at the University of D.C. and one of my sons is a UDC graduate.

Antonell Kinard Aikens-Thompson

It would be a pleasure and honor to serve the University of the District of Columbia in yet another role, as Second Vice President of the National Alumni Society.  My career spanned 20 years as staff member of UDC, and early retirement enabled me to attend graduate school and expand my public service.    Though absent from the University’s day-to-day activities, I maintain contact with key individuals.

Since retirement from the University I have served on the Cooperative Extension Service Advisory Committee as vice chairman and as a member of the University Self-Study Committee on Governance.

Perhaps the most unique experience I could bring to the Alumni Society is knowledge and appreciation of the history of the institution, having served in the Board of Trustees office for 20 years since its inception in 1967.  I have many years of experience in community organizing, event planning, policy formulation, and office management.  I retired as director of the University Secretariat (UDC) receiving the Mayor’s Distinguished Service Award, recognition by the DC City Council, and a Congressional citation in 1987.  Later I served as trustee of the DC Public Library and was elected its chairperson. I earned the Bachelor of Arts Degree (political science) from Howard University, and the Master of Public Administration (management in government) from the University of the District of Columbia.

Currently I am a member of First Agape A.M.E. Zion Church, Bethesda, Maryland, and an active member of Church Women United.  Now president of the deaconess board of my church and member of the A.M.E. Zion Philadelphia-Baltimore Conference Board of Lay Activities, I have served the A.M.E. Zion Church as trustee, chairman of Christian education, District vice president of lay activities, and in fundraising for scholarships.  For more than 30 years I have held membership in the American Business Women’s Association, DC Charter Chapter, where I served for 10 years as editor of the Chapter newsletter.

Jacqueline Daughtry-Miller

I am Jacqueline Daughtry-Miller.  I am a native Washingtonian, a resident of the District of Columbia. I was educated in the District of Columbia, and I am a graduate of the University of the District of Columbia. 

My thrust as Secretary of the University of the District of Columbia National
Alumni Society will be to insure that the University of the District of Columbia continues to exist as a viable 4 year university, and that the newly created 2 year college serves the needs of D.C. residents.

My experience includes 30 years in financing higher education; 23 of those years as VP and Senior Vice President at Independence Federal Savings Bank in charge of the student loan department which I was responsible for securing $60 million in student loans each year.  I have conducted business with universities and colleges across the country.  That experience enables me to understand the operations of post secondary educational institutions. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­In fact, I got my start right here in the Financial Aid Office at D.C. Teachers College, a predecessor school of UDC. 

I was president of the Metropolitan Washington Bankers Group for two years and Board member.  The mission of the Metropolitan Washington Bankers Group is to promote community and economic development and fair and equal access to credit.

My experience as Board member, Conference chair and historian of the Delaware-Maryland-Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators where I received outstanding committee and service awards shows my commitment to higher education.  DE-DC-MD ASFAAS advocates and promotes equal access to post secondary education for all students and provides training for financial aid personnel, from front line counselors to those in complex leadership positions, and provides  a positive impact for the education of our country.

And, finally, I also received the Outstanding Service Award in April 2005 from the University of the District of Columbia’s College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Urban Affairs, Social Sciences & Social Work.

When elected to the UDCNAS, I will dedicate myself to preserving and improving the University of the District of Columbia. 

Jacqui Daughtry-Miller

Jacqueline G. Daughtry-Miller
President & Chief Executive Officer
The Whittier Group/Money Tools,
202-291-7416 | 202-722-8525 Fax
202-352-7416 Mobile

Kirk Adair

My statement of objectives for sergeant at arms are:

  1. The sergeant-At-Arms is the person who keeps meeting in order. If the members get to noisy the Sergeant-At-Arms calls for order.

  2. The Sergeant-At-Arms goes to the officers meeting and help plan the agenda for the chapter meeting.

  3. The sergeant-At-Arms goes to the chapter meetings. If he or she is not able to go, he or she should let the president know before the meeting so someone can take his or her place.

  4. The Sergeant-At-Arms helps when needed or asked.