HR Benefits – Insurance

Medical Plans

The University contributes 75% of the total cost for health insurance premiums.  Employees pay 25% of the associated costs. The semi-monthly 2019 health premiums are listed below:

2019 Health Rates

Voluntary Dental

The University pays 100% of the premium costs for dental coverage through CIGNA DHMO plan.  An employee can elect the CIGNA Dental PPO and will be responsible for the associated premium cost.

Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance - Term life insurance provides coverage equal to an employee’s annual salary rounded to the next thousand, plus $2000. An employee pays two-thirds of the total cost of group life insurance and the University pays one-third. For example:

Basic Salary You pay…
$100,100 (rounded to the next thousand)

$102,000 + $2,000 = $104,000


Optional Life Insurance - Optional life insurance is available at low cost for an employee and their dependents. Employees pay 100% of the cost of optional life insurance. Listed is an example of the estimated cost of optional life insurance coverage. 

Optional Plan Additional Coverage Premium Amount
Option A -Standard Additional $10,000 Determined by age
Option B -Additional Up to 5X employee’s salary Determined by age and salary
Option C -Family


10K, 25K, or 50K (spouse)

10K (eligible child)

Determined by age and coverage selected
Disability Insurance

Long Term- In addition to the protection afforded to all employees under the Worker’s Compensation Act of the District of Columbia, the District Government and the University provide disability plans for eligible full-time employees.

Short Term- All benefits-eligible employees may enroll in the Short-Term Disability Insurance Program. Short-term disability insurance provides income replacement that may be used in conjunction with your annual or sick leave. This program has a 20-day elimination period. Income is replaced at 66 2/3% of the employee’s base pay and coverage lasts for six months.

Indemnity Plans- All benefits-eligible employees may enroll in the AFLAC Indemnity Plans.  The plans pay benefits for covered health events. There are five plans available to employees:

  • Cancer Insurance
  • Hospital Confinement
  • Personal Sickness
  • Personal Accident
  • Specified Health Event

For additional information on AFLAC indemnity plans, please click the following link:

AFLAC Indemnity Plans (DCHR)