Research And Development

Research Development encompasses a set of strategic, catalytic, and capacity-building activities that advance research, especially in higher education. Research Development help researchers become more successful communicators, grant writers, and advocates for their research. Research Development activities help researchers bring new ideas to life.

The Office of University Research will promote Research Development by identifying areas of institutional research priorities; advising institutional leadership on issues related to research, including providing support for strategic planning; serving as institutional representatives to the university community and external visitors; managing or contributing to internal funding competitions and decisions; provide information and analysis to support formal partnerships with external entities; interact with political leaders related to research initiatives at institutions; serve as a liaison with institutional federal relations; facilitate sponsor site visits, and manage limited submissions programs.

The communication strategy of the Research Development division will include marketing the institution to promote institutional strengths to increase the visibility and impact of research on the District of Columbia.

The Research Development division will disseminate grant opportunities and proposal development resources. This includes editing proposal drafts and providing strategic advice on making proposals competitive. The Research Development divisions will also coordinate research interest groups; lead large, interdisciplinary proposal teams; implement new cross-disciplinary research initiatives; and maintain a faculty member expertise database.