Notice to Students about Financial Obligations

Notice to Students about Financial Obligations

Notice to Students about Financial Obligations


Dear Students:

First, let my team and I extend another welcome to all our students.  We are working to provide you timely and accurate information to ensure your continued success at the University of the District of Columbia.  To that end, we need to make you aware of some very important items regarding your financial obligations:

  1. If you are receiving financial aid (Loans and Grants), please make sure you have checked your UDC email account for information pertaining to your aid;
  2. Please accept all aid awarded to you, per your need to ensure that you are able to cover the cost of attendance for this semester;
  3. Also, please make sure that while you are attending your classes, that your professors/instructors are recording your attendance per the class meeting times; and,
  4. The University has decided to remove students from classes  who fall into the following categories by February 22, 2017: 

      – Attendance not verified 

      – Remaining balance of above 1,500.00  

In addition, here are additional informational items:

  1. If you are removed from your classes and would like to re-enroll, you will have from February 23 until February 27, 2017, to complete that process 
  2. To re-enroll, you must be able to pay 25% of your remaining at the time of your re-enrollment
  3. If you have not paid your balance for Spring 2017 by March 25, 2017, you will not be able to register for summer or fall 2017 classes.

If you have any questions about the information enumerated above, you may visit the following offices:

To re-enroll:

  • Financial Aid Applicants:  Visit with the Office of Financial Aid (Flagship Campus Bldg. 39, Suite A-111 or Community College, 801 North Capital St., 3rd FL).
  • Payments:  Visit the Cashier’s Office (Cashier’s Office, Bldg. 39, Level 2) to make payment in full.

Dwight B. Sanchez
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions
University of the District of Columbia