UDC First Year Report

UDC First Year Report

Dear Firebirds,

I am very pleased to present this Report on the progress that we made at the University of the District of Columbia during my first year as president.  It has been the privilege of “Team UDC” to serve the community of the District of Columbia. During this first year, we prioritized ten items, and as you will see in the President’s First Year Report click here, most were achieved beyond our expectations. Most significantly was reaffirmation from Middle States Commission on Higher Education meeting the highest accreditation standard.  Of those that were not completed, we paved the way for continued success in these are:



While we’ve made progress during my first year as president, we will now begin to lay the foundation for the advanced public system of higher learning to serve the community of the District of Columbia.   We are now embracing a new range of challenges in ways that promise not only to expand knowledge and find new solutions, but also to improve the quality of programs and services for our students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders. In doing so, we can be a model of public higher education for the nation.

We celebrate what we have achieved together. We are confident that the future holds even greater promise for our University and the District that we serve.  Together we will continue to build on UDC’s strengths while developing new opportunities for quality, affordability and diversity.

Together we will build a strong foundation for the future, as we graduate students who aspire, accomplish and take on the world!

Your Servant Leader,



Ronald Mason, Jr., J.D.