USGA Officers

2015 - 2016

Joniece BarnesPresident - Joniece Barnes

Classification: Senior

Major: Nutrition

Joniece Barnes is a native Washingtonian, Senior Health Education major here at the University of the District of Columbia. Her college career originated in August 2011 at Norfolk State University, studying Exercise Science. After realizing how she could impact the health field, shifting her focus to health education was more fitting. After studying at West Virginia University, she soon returned to Washington, D.C and attended the University of the District of Columbia. Her journey at UDC began fall 2013 and will continue long after graduation. She is committed to enhancing campus life for all and creating an atmosphere that will facilitate togetherness, school spirit and student engagement. Joniece believes that creating a strong and more unified student body will uplift the entire Firebird community. Ultimately cultivating the campus life and undergraduate involvement will help more students appreciate sharing their college experience with the University of the District of Columbia.​

Tshologelo A. MotshwaneVice President - Tsholofelo A. Motshwane

Classification: Senior

Major: Management Information Systems

In 2007, Tsholofelo “Tsholo” Motshwane left her small village in South Africa to pursue her dream of higher education in the US. She is now a senior at the University of the District of Columbia in the School of Business and Public Administration. Tsholo is a double major in Management Information Systems and Management. Prior to attending the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), she earned her Associates in Business Administration from Montgomery College.

Tsholo was originally attracted to UDC because of its affordability and small class sizes. She grew more passionate about the university after observing negative conversations about UDC in the community. She knew that the public had to be better informed about the legacy of her university.

Tsholo along with a group of student became civically involved in the community in order to make a difference and to inform the community about the amazing educational offerings that she found at UDC. Tsholo took advantage of numerous scholarship and professional development opportunities provided by the university. She was awarded a James Miller Scholarship, School of Business and Public Administration Scholarship, and UDC Initiative in Civic Engagement and Equity Grant. In addition, she is involved in numerous student leadership roles which include Student Outreach and Leadership Development Leader, UDC Student Ambassador, Vice President of UDC-chapter of National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), and International Students Association. These opportunities have prepared her for her role as Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Government Association.

Outside of campus, Tsholo serves on the South African Freedom Day Picnic committee that takes places annually in the metro area. She also served as a Floor Board Member for five years. She was recently appointed secretary of the DMV Tigers Netball Team. She is also one of the five ladies from Southern Africa who just currently formed Simunye (We Are One) Dance Group. Simunye specializes in traditional, modern, and gum boots dancing.
Tsholo continues to work on campus to pay her tuition. She lives by the quote by the great Mahatma Gandhi that reads, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. In her spare time, Tsholo plays netball and soccer. She also volunteers with several non-profit organizations in DC. Her passion for cooking and travelling has led her to explore 14 US states. She is a proud UDC student and a life-long Firebird. She has followed the great lead from student alumni such as David Gaston and Selvon Waldron. Selvon’s speech about “The Story of a Firebird” resonated with me. Let us all tell our stories of being a Firebirds to show the world what UDC students are unique, educated and prepared to change the world.

Mulenga ChilesheSecretary - Mulenga Chileshe

Classification: Senior

Major: Biology

I am a senior Biology major.I enjoy the field of science because there is so much to explore and in doing so there is a satisfaction of what one is capable of and the potential of making a difference. I enjoy working in teams because I believe we all have something to bring to the table and that we can all learn from each other. Adventurous I can be, I like to travel, jog and read in my leisure time. My other hobby is volunteering in my community that helps me learn more about my surroundings and provides an overwhelming feeling to be a part of a greater good.


Anjanette ShelbyTreasurer - Anjanette "Anjie" Shelby

Classification: Senior

Major: Business Managagement

Anjie has been an Orientation Leader since 2014. Currently USGA 2015-2016 Treasurer. I would like to aid in USGA Student Body in becoming better prepared in entering the work force. From having an interview involving a meal, to how to dress. I would also like to provide resources in getting business attire for those who don’t have them and/or can’t afford to get such clothing.


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