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DC Metro HBCU Alumni Alliance

Three Elected As Alumni Representatives to the Board of Trustees - Click here for more info.

UDNCAS logoIt is your voice and your choice to become and stay involved with the University and alumni affairs by joining with a membership in UDCNAS. This alumni organization embraces ALL alumni past, current and future graduates who wish to fulfill their claim as stakeholders of their alma mater by being active participants. UDCNAS meets on the fourth Saturday of every month at 10:30 a.m. at 4340-C Connecticut Ave. NW, except the months of July and August. Some of our primary functions and goals are planning events, sponsoring programs to raise money for student scholarships, hosting alumni-student networking sessions, homecoming extravaganzas, and taking part in government associated activities to assist the University in its mission. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please come on board and become active to make a difference that began 161 years ago with Myrtilla Miner, whose plan and vision was to educate free slaves. A pioneer has moved the needle forward and it is our task to make sure that her legacy continues. For additional details, please contact UDCNAS President James D. Gaston, III -

Our mission is:

  • Serve as a strong advocate for resources for The University of the District of Columbia at the State and Federal level;
  • Provide financial support and guidance for current and future students;
  • Be a mentor to current students and set a positive example at all times;
  • Maintain a close relationship among the UDC Alumni, including predecessor institutions;
  • Present a positive image of UDC at all times;
  • Support all alumni in their goals and business establishments;
  • Engage all former predecessor institutions to be a part of UDCNAS;
  • Raise funds for the University of the District of Columbia.


  • Annual Dues: $50.00
  • Life Membership: $250.00 (may be paid over 2 years installments)

UDC's Predecessor Schools

We are graduates of :

  • Antioch School of Law
  • DC Teachers College
  • Federal City College
  • Miner Normal School
  • Miner Teachers College
  • Washington Technical Institute
  • Wilson Normal School
  • Wilson Teachers College
  • University of the District of Columbia
  • UDC: David A. Clarke Law School

UDCNAS Officers (June 2014—2016)

For further information, Contact:

Mr. James D. Gaston III Mr. James D. Gaston, III

Mr. Mahki Fox Mr. Mahki Fox 
1st Vice President


Mr. Selvon M. WaldronMr. Selvon M. Waldron
2nd Vice President


Ms. Rina T. DanielsMs. Rina T. Daniels


Mrs. Monica D. GreenMrs. Monica D. Green


Mr. Bernard GraysonMr. Bernard Grayson


Election Results June 30, 2014

President: Dr. James A. Williams
1st Vice President: James D. Gaston III
2nd Vice President: Selvon M. Waldron
Treasurer: Ms. Rina T. Daniels
Secretary: Mrs. Monica D. Green
Sergeant-at-Arms: Mr. Bernard Grayson